January 27th, 2024

James Niehues, “Snowbasin 1998,” gouache, 27″ x 39″

As we step into 2024, the world of interior design unfolds with a fresh palette of trends and artistic expressions. Just as we bid farewell to the challenges of the past year, the trends for 2024 seem to reflect our collective eagerness for new beginnings.

Drawing inspiration from industry experts such as interior designer Mikki Brammer from Architectural Digest and Elise Taylor from Vogue Magazine, we bring you a curated glimpse into a few of the captivating trends that will shape your living spaces this year.



Clockwise from top left: Hunt Slonem, “Countess’ Message Complete,” oil, 40″ x 60″ | James Wolanin, “Lake Swimming,” acrylic, 15″ x 15″ | Laura Wait, “Prime 777,” mixed media, 15″ x 15″ | Shawna Moore, “Waterfront,” encaustic, 40″ x 30″ | James Penfield, “Persian Rug Barricades,” acrylic, 48″ x 30″ | Mary Scrimgeour, “Ski Girl,” oil, 20″ x 20″

In 2024, the interior design landscape takes a bold turn as saturated colors dominate living spaces. No longer confined to small pops, this year encourages designers to immerse interiors in monochrome hues. Inspired by the minimalism of the ’90s but with a contemporary twist, expect a vibrant play of colors that inject energy into your living spaces. At Gallery MAR, we celebrate this trend with artworks that echo the spirit of this maximalist minimalism, offering a visual feast of hues to elevate your home.



Clockwise from top left: Jared Davis, “Espresso Antlers with Metallic,” glass, 15″ x 15″ x 7″ | Samantha Da Silva, “Shadow Mountain,” mixed media, 48″ x 36″ | Lucrecia Waggoner, “Gunmetal Glaze Installation,” porcelain | Pamela Murphy, “Home Team,” mixed media, 32″ x 57″

As we explore the design horizon, metallics have a chic comeback in 2024. From stainless-steel tableware to silver modular sofas, anticipate spaces that shimmer with sophistication. Our collection at Gallery MAR embraces this resurgence, featuring artworks that incorporate metallic elements, adding a touch of glamor and modernity to your interiors. Get ready to infuse your space with the timeless allure of metallic accents.



Left to right: Havoc Hendricks, “Luminarium,” mixed media, 36″ x 36″ | Hunt Slonem, “Lucky Charm,” aluminum, 14″ x 12″ x 4″ | Maura Allen, “Go Get ‘Em,” mixed media, 40″ x 40″

Undulating curves continue to mesmerize in 2024, extending their influence into new realms within the home. Archways, hallways, and shower entries become canvases for softer lines and organic shapes, creating a harmonious balance between fluidity and structure. Gallery MAR diverse range of artworks captures the essence of this design evolution, offering pieces that embody both the grace of curves and the boldness of angular forms. Explore the seamless integration of these design elements into your living spaces.



Left to right: James Niehues, “Snowbasin 1998,” gouache, 27″ x 39″ | Fred Calleri, “The Crew,” oil, 40″ x 30″

In the heart of 2024’s design ethos lies a profound focus on individuality. The year unfolds as a celebration of personal projects and the pursuit of spaces that reflect the unique tastes, lifestyles, and needs of each individual. At Gallery MAR, we understand the importance of crafting one-of-a-kind interiors. Our collection showcases artworks that resonate with the essence of personal expression, allowing you to curate spaces that tell your story. Discover the joy of eclectic authenticity as you blend pre-existing pieces into a new setting, creating spaces that are truly incredible. Or reach out to us today to commission a one-of-a-kind work from one of our many talented Gallery MAR artists.


As you embark on the journey of transforming your living spaces in 2024, let Gallery MAR be your guide, offering a curated selection of artworks that align seamlessly with the trends shaping the world of interior design. Elevate your home with the timeless allure of saturated colors, the sophistication of metallics, the grace of curves, and the celebration of individuality. Your living space is not just a canvas; it’s a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

Written by Veronica Vale