Mary Scrimgeour

As a young child in Ohio, Mary became interested in art when she was about six years old. In addition to studying art in high school, she attended workshops and night classes in oil and illustration. She majored in fine arts at the University of Colorado and has taken numerous classes with prominent Colorado artists.

For many years Mary worked as an art director for several national magazines; during this time she continued her artwork independently. In 1985 she designed her own line of women's clothing for her designer clothing store in Boulder, Colorado.

In 1990 she started her pursuit of painting full time. Her worldwide travels continue to enhance and nourish her work. Mary interprets the world by painting what she sees and feels. Her love of children, a sense of humor, and a compassion for people are some of the emotions she blends with her vision.

Born Akron, Ohio 1948

1971-1975 Art Major, University of Colorado

Southwest Art Magazine "Artists To Watch"

Exhibitions include group and solo shows in The Dairy Center for the Arts, Denver International Airport, Golden Colorado, Boulder Colorado, Denver Colorado, and Long Beach California.

Artist statement:

“As I make my journey in the world I record what I see in notebooks and then translate my recordings into images and stories that I give back to the world.

Taking my cue from my father, an inventor and industrial designer, as well as Leonardo da Vinci, I am extremely influenced by the notebooks of designers and inventors; the thought process and what that looks like on paper or canvas. Whether a bowl, a car, a flying machine or a work table -- how these all came about is what fascinates me.

As much as my father got my creative juices flowing, my mother's sense of story filled my imagination with thoughts of little characters and magical villages where everything was cozy and good. This is what feeds my desire to create images and stories for children.”