James Penfield

James Penfield is based in Minneapolis, MN. His landscapes are inspired by photos he has taken on trips and experiences, while navgiating both his home city by bike, and outdoor-adventuring in the West. The wildlife that he photographs come from different impressions of events, using them as a subject to project through, or from a completly free creation with no real intention in mind. The artist prefers to focus on the moments of creating and experimenting itself.

Penfield studied fine art, graphic design and art history in undergrad and graduate school, interned with the MN Center for Photography (Minneapolis), Highpoint Center for Printmaking (Minneapolis) and with Vice Magazine/Media (Brooklyn). He then followed his academic path by working as a graphic designer in NYC.

He finds a lot of affinity between visual art and music, plays different instruments himself and has worked with a lot of talented musicians on various art and design projects, sometimes even painting on stage at venues live as the musicians play.

He travels out west from the midwest often to hike, snowboard and generally have a great time. He has work permanently installed around the US, has shown internationally and is represented by 3 galleries in the western US.

Penfield has created original works for Totally Gross National Product, Converse, Vice Magazine/Media LLC, the Denver Children's Hospital, Hilton Hotels, MN Vikings LLC, Palladium Boots, and others. He's painted large-scale permanent murals addressing the transformation of MN historical rhetoric, has commissioned work hung in permanent collections around the US and has taught painting to students aged 8-18. He has co-created a published 6-book series, step-by-step on "How to Draw" through Abdo Publishing.


2017 – ”Looking In, Looking Through,” neo:gallery23, Manchester UK

2017 – ”Art of Engagement,” Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC

2016 – ”26th Annual Holiday Show,” Abend Gallery, Denver, CO

2016 – ”Love, SooVAC, Celebration of 15 Years of Art,” SooVAC Gallery,

Minneapolis, MN

2016 – ”Art As Politics,” Touchstone Gallery, Washington D.C.

2016 – ”MN Vikings Permanent Collection Unveiling,” U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN

2014 – ”The Affordable Art Stroll,” Gallery Mar, Park

2014 – ”Make the Machine Feel Human,” show with Brian David Downs, Soo Local Gallery, MN
2014 – ”3 Person Show, with Michael Belloti and Mark Rivard” Rivard Art Gallery, MN
2014 – ”3 Person Show, with Louis LaPierre and Jason Wasyk” Will Call Gallery, St. Paul, MN

2013 – “Parsons Alumni Exhibition 2013,” Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, NYC

2013 – “The Show That Never Was,” Abend Gallery, Denver, CO
2013 – “Art For Life,” Abend Gallery, Denver, CO
2013 – “Bold New West,” Abend Gallery, Denver, CO
2011 – “Skate Related 2,” XYZ Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
2011 – “Teenage Elixir,” Tarnish and Gold Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
2010 – “EYE Will,” Nicademus Art and Framing, St. Paul, MN
2010 – “MN State Fair Annual Art Exhibition,” St. Paul, MN