James Niehues

For the first time in exhibition, original artwork from the most storied artist in snowsports can be yours. For over 30 years, James Niehues’ ski resort paintings and sketches have shaped the contemporary mountain experience for everyone who loves to ski and snowboard, and those who simply revel in the beauty of the mountains. These original paintings and sketches are from Niehues’ studio, works retained by Niehues himself over the past 30 years.

An accomplished landscape and cartographic artist, James Niehues’ renown has come through his impeccable detailing as a ski area mapmaker. His iconic maps quite literally help people navigate, while also grounding their sense of place in the mountains. A Niehues map evokes a place, a tool, a cache of memories, and an exceptional piece of art.

Original means one, and only one. Every meticulous brushstroke or pencil line, every snow-dotted tree and every wide open piste can be yours, transporting you to your most cherished place and memories.

"I have been painting aerial views since 1986. The first ski map was in 1988, and since then I've created over 350 different views for resorts, tourist bureaus, golf communities and outdoor sports related entities. My clients are all over the world from the US to Canada, China, Australia, Chile, Japan, Korea, Scotland, New Zealand and Serbia. Each view is hand painted by brush and airbrush using opaque watercolor to capture the detail and variations of nature’s beauty. In many instances, distortions are necessary to bring everything into a single view. The trick is to do this without the viewer realizing that anything has been altered from the actual perspective."