Laura Wait

Word forms as images are the primary focus of my art. I use words as marks and symbols, making layers to form history and depth of imagery. Aesthetics of words are of more importance than reading the text. The words I use are often totally illegible, and viewers’ connection relies on our intuitive connection with symbols.

Letterforms from both Western and Eastern writing systems are incorporated in all my art, creating a polyrhythymic flow of mark making.

I draw on the energy of modern graffiti, which I see as a source of new energy in abstraction much as African rhythms energized rock and roll and jazz. My marks are universal, somewhat random, and often related to music, with layers of writing acting as layers of melody and rhythm.

For the past few years I have been very interested in the diversity and rhythms of energy in music and wave motions especially with a connection to elemental forms as electricity and magnetism. My calligraphic marks are distilled into simple shapes derived from letterforms and are sometimes related to mathematical symbols, which describe wave energy. Paint layers can include words of wave motion such as radar, sonar, and electromagnetics. (I may have been influenced by my father who was a physicist specializing in electromagnetic wave theory and wrote very complex equations with notation far beyond simple numerical symbols).

I have also been working on a series of paintings relating to the moon, as there have been so many lunar events. Some of these are about geography, and many more about the sounds and languages that may have been used on the moon in my imagination.

Laura Wait lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is married with one son, one-dog two cats, and grows lots of organic vegetables.

Born in Canada, she grew up in Boulder, Colorado. She studied art history in college in New York, and received a BA cum laude, in Art History from Barnard College, Columbia University, 1975. She also holds a certificate in printmaking from Croydon College of Art, London, earned in 1977.


2019Moon Geography, Arden Gallery, Boston, MA

2018Laura Wait, Arden Gallery, Boston, MA

2017Ted Gall & Laura Wait, Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

Ikeda, Scott, Stevens & Wait , William Havu Gallery, Denver, CO

Karwacki, Wait & Yang: Stricoff Fine Art, NY, NY

2016Abstract : Estes, Madigan & Wait: Stricoff Fine Art, NY, NY

Goertz, Mackey, Reynolds, Wait, Stricoff Fine Art, NY, NY

2014Scrittura, Circle 7 Fine Art, Steamboat Springs, CO

2013Spiral Curve, Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

Mura Scrittura, K.Saari Gallery, Steamboat Springs, CO

2012Scriptography, K.Saari Gallery, Steamboat Springs, CO

2011Calligraphitti, K.Saari Gallery, Steamboat Springs, CO

2010Litterarius, K.Saari Gallery, Steamboat Springs, CO

2009Counterplay,Plinth Gallery, Denver, CO

In Opposition,K.Saari Gallery, Steamboat Springs, CO

Recent Group Exhibitions

2019Abstract Women Painters , William Havu Gallery, Denver, CO

Quartet, Hunter Squared Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

2018Five Painters Paint, Hunter Kirkland Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

The New Regionalism, Mc Nichols Bldg. Denver CO, curated by Michael Paglia

Sidekicks, Spark Gallery, Denver, CO

2016 Mo' Print, Space Gallery, Denver, CO

2015Nature’s Line, Space Gallery, Denver, CO

Season Premiere, New River Fine Art, Ft Lauderdale. FL.

ABC: Assemblage, Book Art, and Collage, SUMA, Cedar City, UT

2014Natural Surroundings, Space Gallery, Denver, CO

E/AB ArtFair, NY with Oehme Graphics, Steamboat Springs, CO

Abstract Sanctuary, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, OR

2013E/AB ArtFair, NY with Oehme Graphics, Steamboat Springs, CO

AMoA Biennial 600: Printmaking, Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo TX

2012Group Show, Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery, Denver, CO

2011Artist’s Books and Paintings, Hunter Kirkland Contemporary Santa Fe, NM


2013Nominated for Artistry in Encaustic Art La Vendenne Award,

by International Encaustic Art Institute

1998Master/Apprentice Grant, from Colorado Council on the Arts.