May 30th, 2023

After the long snowy season, we’re excited to see Park City finally in bloom. Which flowers are you most looking forward to seeing this Spring?

Pick your favorite flower from the grid above, and we’ll show you which artist’s work beautifully matches your style and spirit:



If you picked the Lily, you’ll love the artwork of Matt Flint

The elegance and poise of the white Peace Lily suits the elegance and poise of Matt Flint’s mixed media work, especially his beloved swan paintings. Flint’s highly textural depictions of nature create layers of atmosphere that grant his work an ethereal quality. The peace that this effect creates washes over viewers, much like the aptly named Peace Lily bloom. So if your favorite flower is the Peace Lily, we recommend to you the peaceful, sophisticated work of Wyoming artist Matt Flint.


If you picked the Sunflower, you’ll love the artwork of Maura Allen

Bright and bold: two words that suit both the vibrant Sunflower and the eye-catching work of artist Maura Allen. Allen’s high contrast mixed media work depicts the modern West. Her blend of Western iconography and Pop Art design breathes freshness into her classic rodeo and ranch subject matter. If you love the bright, cheery vibrancy of the sunflower, we think you’ll love the sun-soaked energy of  Maura Allen’s work.


If you picked the Hibiscus, you’ll love the artwork of Hunt Slonem

An interplay of boldness and delicacy, Hunt Slonem’s work is much like the beloved tropical flower the Hibiscus. These bright and vibrant flowers are often found in subtropical, exotic environments, suiting well the exoticism found in Hunt Slonem’s work. If you love the Hibiscus, then you’ll love the color pop, whimsy, and unique charm of Hunt Slonem’s work.


If you picked the Rose, you’ll love the artwork of Jane Maxwell

The classic Rose symbolizes a multitude of beautiful traits: beauty, elegance, grace, romance, and more. The same traits can be said of Boston artist Jane Maxwell’s high fashion-inspired mixed media artwork. Maxwell’s collaged silhouettes strike graceful, empowered poses on top of bold backgrounds packed with hidden meaning and symbolism. If you love the Rose, we’re sure you’ll be enthralled by the bold, elegant, empowering work of Jane Maxwell.


If you picked the Iris, you’ll love the artwork of Jylian Gustlin

When Irises are in bloom, few flowers quite compare. These unique and sophisticated blooms correspond well with the unique, graceful works of San Francisco artist Jylian Gustlin. Much like Irises, Gustlin’s work is full of intriguing texture and poised, captivating forms. Her soft, yet brilliant color palette matches the delicate, dynamic colors of the Iris. If you love Irises, we’re confident you’ll love the uniquely lively work of Jylian Gustlin.


If you picked the Daisy, you’ll love the artwork of Sara Edgar

The pure, almost childlike joy of the simple Daisy emulates the sweet whimsy of Sara Edgar’s paintings. Like the Daisy, Sara Edgar’s work provokes from us a childlike wonder, a wide-eyed naivety. However, within Edgar’s work, there’s far more than first meets the eye. Beneath the first appearance of pure innocence and cheer lies far more sophisticated symbols of life’s hard-earned lessons. Her punchy color palette and cheerful imagery, however, will continue to call to mind the kind of purity and simple cheer of the beloved Daisy. If you love the Daisies, you’ll be enchanted by the playful worlds of Sara Edgar’s paintings.


If you picked the poppy, you’ll love the artwork of KOLLABS

The bright red bloom of the Poppy brings such joy to the eye and comfort to the spirit. These wildflowers have become symbols of hope and remembrance, thanks to their resiliency in the wild. Similarly, the peaceful wildlife found in KOLLABS‘ mixed media pieces offer viewers these same feelings of hope and joy. The quiet whimsy of KOLLABS work depicts nature and culture, interwoven together to create new meanings and provoke new feeling. If you love Poppies, you’ll love the wild playfulness of KOLLABS’ work.


If you picked the Marigold, you’ll love the artwork of Shawna Moore

The fiery yellows and golds of the Marigold makes these flowers a delight to behold. These sunshiny blooms are symbols of warmth, positivity, energy, and life: all things that the encaustic works of Shawna Moore radiates. Moore’s textural, nature inspired encaustic works mirror the energy of nature, from sunlight reflections on the ocean’s surface to the soft blur of landscape in motion. Here at Gallery MAR, we’re especially partial to the accents of Gallery MAR gold found in these paintings and Marigold blooms. If you love Marigolds, you’re certain to be drawn in by the natural energy and beauty of Shawna Moore’s work.


If you picked the Desert Paintbrush, you’ll love the artwork of Ron Russon

Native to the American West and Southwest, Desert Paintbrush flowers are unique blooms that symbolize creativity and passion. The highly textural, colorful works of local artist Ron Russon’s wildlife paintings are the perfect match for these wild blooms. If the Desert Paintbrush is your favorite local flower, we know you’ll love the vibrant paintings of local artist Ron Russon.


Written by Veronica Vale