Kollabs is a collaborative project between artists Luis Garcia-Nerey and Anke Schofield. In their work, Kollabs create compositions juxtaposing undomesticated animals within domestic and urban environments, highlighting the interaction between wildlife and the human experience.

Their work embarks on a journey in which the viewer is presented with a open-ended narrative and no definitive conclusion, engaging the viewer as a participant in the ultimate storyline of each piece. Whether literal or abstract, Nerey and Schofield’s pieces do not rationalize a specific idea of the wilderness, but rather encourage the viewer to interpret the works without limitations set by concrete definitions.

Luis Garcia-Nerey lives and works in Miami Beach, Florida and Anke Schofield lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. The two divide their creative time traveling between studios in both Miami and Atlanta in order to create their provocative pieces.

This grouping of works focus on the interaction between modern day human society and the forest. Our intentions are to see past the obvious environmental issues and concentrate more on an existential point of view.” - Luis Garcia-Nerey

“Our ultimate goal is for the viewer to achieve a personal conclusion that is not based on the idea of an Other but rather a conclusion that is constructed by the viewers themselves.” - Anke Schofield

Luis Garcia-Nerey

Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico

Lives and works in Miami, Florida


Long Island University - CW Post – Long Island, New York

New World School of the Arts – Miami, Florida


2012 Banff Centre - Banff Art in Residency program (BAIR) Alberta, Canada

2007- 2014 ArtCenter/South Florida - Miami Beach, Florida

2004–2007 Bakehouse Art Complex - Miami, Florida
2001 Mattress factory Art Complex

1995-present ,Atlanta GA

Anke Schofield

Born in Ithica, New York

Lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia


Savannah College of Art and Design: Atlanta Master in painting program

Savannah College of Art and Design: Savannah

Art In Amsterdam [2001] Boston College of Art Summer program


2012 Banff Centre Artist in Residence Bair Program

2001 Stichting Kunst Academie Ruudt wackers ,Amsterdam summer Maine photographic workshop


2014 -2013

National Museum of Widlife Art - Western Visions exhibit - Jackson, Wyoming


Hunter Museum of American Art – Spectrum 2012 – Chattanooga, Tennessee

National Museum of Wildlife Art - Western Visions exhibit - Jackson, Wyoming


Texas Contemporary Art Fair - Houston, Texas

Wynwood Art Fair - Miami, Florida

National Museum of Wildlife Art - Jackson, Wyoming

San Francisco Art Fair - Gilman Contemporary – San Francisco, California

Affordable Art Fair - Myers Contemporary – Tribeca, New York

Solo Exhibitions


Inbound - Blue Gallery - Kansas City, Missouri

Urban Forest– Cheryl Hazan Gallery- Tribeca, New York

Kingdom – Soren Christensen Fine Art - New Orleans, Louisiana

Outside-In – Gilman Contemporary – Sun Valley, Idaho


Conversations – Kollabs - Soren Christensen Gallery - New Orleans, Louisiana

Universal Garden – Kollabs - Lanoue fine Art - Boston, Massachusetts

Portrait of a Kingdom – Kollabs - Diehl Gallery - Jackson, Wyoming


Constructing Parallels – Kollabs - Gilman Contemporary, Sun Valley, Idaho


Urban Flight - Cheryl Hazan Gallery - Tribeca, New York

Bosque II - Astolfi Art - Atlanta Georgia


Bosque - Art Department Gallery - Atlanta, Georgia