April 30th, 2024

Gallery MAR is proud to have collaborated with several reputable businesses, connecting them with fine art to enliven and invigorate their creative spaces. From One Empire Pass and Argent right here in Deer Valley, Park City to the Temasek offices in Washington, D.C., we’ve loved seeing how our Gallery MAR artists’ work has infused joy, beauty, and energy into their workspaces.

Inspired by these Gallery MAR corporate collections and our last “Picture This: Hotel Lobbies” blog, we present our latest installment of our “Picture This” blog series: Corporate Collections. Here we harness the magic of Photoshop to present our artists’ latest works in luxury corporate settings as inspiring as your business.



Michael Kessler, “Aspengroveblue (2),” acrylic, 60″ x 90″ | Jonathan Julien, “Bold Horn Bend,” oil, 48″ x 48″

Having a cohesive color palette in the office can create a feeling of harmony, unifying the space in an aesthetic way. Similarly, in selecting these two pieces, we chose work that had a similar color palette yet a different subject matter, composition, and overall style. The Michael Kessler work, “Aspengroveblue (2),” behind the desk creates a grand and bold visual statement to welcome new clients, while the ski painting “Bold Horn Bend” by Jonathan Julien offers a glimpse into the adventurous personality of the corporate team. Harmonizing your color palette is a fun way to allow diversity of artistics style, while still feeling harmonious. 

You can even theme the colors around your corporate brand. When we helped the business Temasek design their corporate collection, it was important to them that the work be themed around certain colors. “We wanted to make sure that the spaces looked vibrant and colorful to represent our company,” Anne Brady of Temasek says, “we wanted to bring in interesting pieces that would make the room pop.” Their D.C. office is now alive with bold, blue art.


Samantha da Silva, “Grounded Grace,” mixed media, 30″ x 48″

A reception area is an opportunity to set the tone for your business for both your workers and your clients. This shimmering piece by Samantha da Silva sets a soothing, yet energetic tone for your corporate space. Both peaceful and invigorating, this work also draws from the accents of the spaces’ interior design. The gold metallic fixtures beautifully complement the metallics within the painting, creating a stunning visual effect that will mesmerize clients and energize your workers.


KOLLABS, “Ranger,” mixed media, 72″ x 60″

When selecting work that you and your employees will live with every day, we recommend choosing works that correspond with the company culture. This bold and powerful KOLLABS piece, “Ranger” feels energizing and exciting – perfect for bold and daring companies in the common spaces where employees gather to share and exchange creative ideas.


Nina Tichava, “Grass, Tree, Corazon,” mixed media, 60″ x 40″

For that gorgeous corner office, we recommend choosing works that celebrate and pay homage to the hard work it took to get there. This magnanimous work “Grass, Tree, Corazon” by Nina Tichava is beautiful, elegant, and exemplifies that very work ethic that you and your workers strive for. Nina Tichava’s paintings are all meticulously handcrafted, as she applies each layer and “pixel” carefully and conscientiously by hand. These intricate layers are the result of time and dedication, the perfect visual complement to your own work journey.


Maura Allen, “Open Range,” acrylic, 40″ x 30″

For your corporate break rooms, there’s an opportunity to have a little more fun with your workplace’s personality. Do you all consider yourself free thinking mavericks with drive? Then the cowboy imagery of Mara Allen’s work “Open Range” may suit your workers and their style perfectly in this team building space.

Written and Photoshopped by Veronica Vale