August 28th, 2020

By Veronica Vale

Gallery MAR is honored to have collaborated with several incredible companies to help them offer their staff and clientele a beautiful, authentic fine art experience. The corporate collection of Gallery MAR art at One Empire Pass continues to shine, reminding its guests of the lodge’s quality and innovation. As of this August, we are now thrilled to have installed another brilliant corporate collection at the investment company, Temasek in Washington, D.C. 

Here we offer you a look into these two vibrant corporate collections, along with a few words from their representatives, Bill Fiveash of One Empire Pass and Anne Brady of Temasek.

Bill Fiveash and his team at One Empire Pass handpicked their Gallery MAR collection to showcase the theme of “Contemporary Nature” to “evoke the classic images of wildlife and landscapes throughout the American West — but with a modern twist.” Of the one-of-a-kind collection, Fiveash observes how “the paintings themselves bring an additional touch of exclusivity to our community.” 

Fiveash is particularly fond of two pieces by the artist duo KOLLABS. “Since innovation never takes a backseat here, two of our pieces were created by the unique and acclaimed KOLLABS partnership, a dynamic duo of artists who work together — and often cancel out each other’s work — to create compositions that offer an intriguing perspective on the interaction between wildlife and the human experience.” This intersection of wildlife and humanity represents well the interaction between One Empire Pass’s guests and the natural beauty and wildlife that surround its stunning location. 



In the far more metropolitan world of Washington, D.C., Temasek offers its guests, staff, and clientele a similarly dazzling experience of high-quality prestige with its new collection. 

Temasek investment company, headquartered out of Singapore, has several offices within the US. Anne Brady explains, “I’ve worked for global offices all over the world and one of our missions is to choose art for our offices that’s local to the country that we’re in.” Working with our US artists, Brady and her team at Temasek were careful to select a bold body of work that would align with their dynamic brand. “We wanted to make sure that the spaces looked vibrant and colorful to represent our company,” Brady elaborates, “we wanted to bring in interesting pieces that would make the room pop.”

Several of the works in Temasek’s collection are made especially for the spaces they now shine in. These commission-based pieces bring a real warmth and vibrancy to Temasek’s sleek, modern office space. Interestingly, Brady explains that each office within their company seems to play around with a particular color theme: Their New York office contains mostly red work, their San Francisco office hosts mostly orange pieces, and their D.C. office is now alive with bold, blue art. 

When asked about her personal favorites in this singular collection, Brady laughs, “Honestly, I’m excited about all of them.” Honestly, we can’t blame her.


Thank you to our wonderful corporate collectors for offering their guests a high quality art experience through our Gallery MAR artists. We hope you’ll consider Gallery MAR art for your corporate space.