March 26th, 2024

In our blog series, “Picture This,” we harness the magic of Photoshop to present our artists’ newest works in settings as breathtaking as your own home.

Inspired by our own collaborations with local companies and their Gallery MAR corporate collections, we have curated a selection of works beautifully suited for corporate spaces, like that of hotel lobbies. In this installment, we offer ideas on how to imbue a high end hotel lobby with elegance and sophistication through carefully curated art installations. 

Gallery MAR has proudly collaborated with esteemed local companies, enriching their spaces with exquisite fine art. The corporate art collection at One Empire Pass in Deer Valley epitomizes quality and innovation, reflecting the lodge’s ethos; a collection of Gallery MAR works grace the offices of Temasek in Washington, D.C.; and most recently, a stunning new collection of works has been installed throughout Argent, the very last residential lodge in Deer Valley’s Empire Pass. 

Whether you seek inspiration or are looking to elevate your corporate spaces, allow us to introduce you to a curated selection of our artists’ most magnanimous, large scale works that harmonize seamlessly with extraordinary hotel lobbies.


Havoc Hendricks, “Established,” mixed media, 60″ x 144″

If you’re looking for power and boldness on a large-scale, then look no further than the work of Havoc Hendricks. Local artist Havoc Hendricks is not only a studio artist but also a muralist. He’s been commissioned to paint murals on quite a number of spaces around the state, so he’s no stranger to large-scale. His moody color palette, intricate line work, and bold design are even more grand on a large-scale, as in this piece “Established.” As one of the largest-scale works we’ve ever had from the artist at the gallery, this piece calls for a grand space like a hotel or corporate lobby.


Pamela Murphy, “Woodland,” oil, 41″ x 54″

Pamela Murphy’s work is often about smaller, delicate intricacies, from sweet vignettes of wildlife to medium-size vintage portraits, so it’s a treat to find a work of hers at such a large-scale. This piece captures all of the sweetness and elegant grace that Murphy is renowned for, but in a large-scale package. We love how the muted tones of the woodland creatures and the textured olive green background infuse warmth and touch of nature into this hotel lobby space.


Samantha Da Silva, “Radiant Bliss,” mixed media, 40″ x 60″

Local artist Samantha Da Silva, infuses the natural world into her paintings, building texture and layers as spiritually soothing as nature itself. This aptly titled diptych, “Radiant Bliss,” is sure to welcome your guests with soothing harmony with its peaceful blue and silver tones and natural textures.


Michael Kessler, “Quiversticks (1),” acrylic, 30″ x 96″

We’d be remiss to curate a selection of large-scale works without that of Michael Kessler’s. His bold and beautiful, large-scale pieces make the perfect addition for any corporate space. This long vertical piece can be oriented vertically or horizontally to accommodate any unique space like this sleek, modern hotel lobby. Kessler’s blend of modernity and traditionalism ensures that his work feels timelessly classic in any space for years to come.


Stefan Heyer, “Meeting of the Spirits,” mixed media, 71″ x 88″

Stephan Heyer‘s work is gestural, painterly, dynamic…and yet peaceful. The push-pull of his style balances power with quiet serenity in a way apt for large-scale common spaces like this modern hotel lobby. This especially large scale work, “Meeting of the Spirits,” will surely have patrons captivated and mesmerized with its brilliant color, energetic strokes, and grounding composition.

Written and Photoshopped by Veronica Vale