February 8th, 2021

This Valentine’s Day, let your love bloom!

In honor of St. Valentine and all things love and art, we at Gallery MAR have teamed up with your favorite flower shop, Park City Nursery, to deliver art and floral pairings guaranteed to make you and your loved one swoon.

Which pairing best suits your love?



This perfect Park City pairing carries with it a timeless elegance. Local artist Aaron Memmott’s Park City ski scene glows with soft hues and sparkling snow, corresponding dreamily with Park City Nursery’s Valentine’s Arrangement. These pink and orange roses — much like Aaron Memmott’s style — feel fresh, yet classic.



Fred Calleri’s romantic painting “Love Letters” paints a picture of a love that knows no distance. The deep jewel-tones of burgundy and teal create a sense of warmth and splendor, mirrored in the richly colored blooms in this Park City Nursery arrangement. This romantic pairing stuns with its abundance of texture and depth.



Hunt Slonem’s ornately framed work delivers a sense of regality, while the vibrant colors and whimsical outlines of his bunnies keeps the work fresh and fierce. Aptly titled, “Passion,” this work’s vibrancy and stature give the impression of grandeur. Fittingly, this Park City Nursery floral arrangement — with its combination of rare and classic blooms in a gold metallic vase – beautifully blends the same modern and traditional styles.



Jane Maxwell’s fashion-forward work is suited for even the most stylish of collectors. The rosy pink tones and the iconic silhouette of this work “100 Percent Woman” sing beautifully with the bright, bold blooms of this Park City arrangement.

Studying this work reminds us of the ways in which Maxwell’s work dives deeper than a simple appreciation of art and fashion. Rather, her work becomes a a celebration of femininity and a daring statement on female empowerment. Which “100 Percent Woman” in your life would you like to celebrate this Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day?


Park City Nursery names this style of arrangement their “Something Sweet” arrangement. This sweet collection of unique blooms call to mind this vibrant work by James Penfield. The bright colors, expressive strokes, and fearless gaze of Penfield’s “Red Cedar” prove that something sweet and small can still pack a powerful punch.


This shining pair is deserving of a golden kind of love. The bright gold blooms within Park City Nursery’s flower arrangement reflects the golden hues of Sarah Winkler’s landscape, inspired by the real, naturally vibrant colors found in nature. The abstract landscapes of Sarah Winkler are well renowned for their resplendently textured layers, so this textured floral arrangement by Park City Nursery feels all the more complementary.


In addition to their beautiful floral arrangements, Park City Nursery also offers a wide variety of beautiful blooms for replanting in your own gardens. With spring just around the corner, we can’t wait to see how brilliantly their flowers will bloom. Jylian Gustlin’s latest series “Flora” has us aching for next season’s natural beauty. Within this new series, Gustlin explores the subject of exquisite flora, all while maintaining her signature colorful, textured  style.

Whether it be as a gift to your special someone or a gift to yourself, this lovely blend of art and flowers is certain to light up any space with a sense of love in bloom.


We would like to thank Park City Nursery for partnering with us to bring you dreamy art and flower pairings this Valentine’s Day.


Written by Veronica Vale