Aaron Memmott

Memmott received his BFA in Fine Art from the University of Utah, where he trained under some widely acclaimed Utah artists including David Dornan and Paul Davis. He went on to get his MFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. After teaching at the Academy of Art for several years Memmott relocated to Savannah, GA for a full-time Professorship at the Savannah College of Art and Design. After three years of teaching in Savannah he made a life changing decision to leave his position to travel and paint. His travels have taken him from Napa, CA to the South of France.

Memmott's canvases are essentially urban with an emphasis on perspective and light. His current body of work is a reflection of his recent travels to cities including San Francisco, New York, Barcelona, Avignon, and Marseille. He uses a rich palette to paint scenes of glowing streetlights, illuminated neighborhood intersections and wet reflective streets. He frequently paints dynamic diptych and triptych panoramas. Memmott is influenced most by twentieth century American painters such as Richard Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebaud, and Edward Hopper. Thomas Hart Benton, another inspiration, is Memmott's great cousin.


MFA-Illustration – Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA – 2001

BFA-Drawing and Painting – University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT – 1997

Extended Workshops: Total Emersion-David Dornan, Paul Davis, and Tony Smith – Helper, UT-1996 &1997, Quick Studies- Craig Nelson – San Francisco, CA - 2005


2005-2008 Professor - SavannahCollege of Art and Design, Savannah, GA

2001-2005 Instructor - Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA


World Cinemax Productions, Citibank Cinemax Theatre at Pier 39, Zion Canyon Cinemax Theatre, American Ventures Group, Distinctive Denver Homes, Gemstone Books, Chris Clouse Band


The Park Record,Park City, UT-Feature Article in The Scene, October 11-14, 2008, "Artist Couple Has Double the Fun."

ChromaArtGallery Advertising: Savannah Magazine , South Magazine , The Skinnie Magazine, and Travel Host Magazine

Academy of Art University Advertising Rolling Galleries, San Francisco MUNI Busses ,Study in the USA, magazine , International Student Guide, magazine


2010-Kimball Park City Art Festival-Park City, UT

2010- Local Fireworks-Gallery MAR, Park City, UT

2010- Little Gems-Chroma Gallery, Savannah, GA

2010- Holiday Small Works-Alpine Art, Salt Lake City, UT

2010- Evening of Art and Wine, Cedar Falls,

2009-Park City Food and Wine Classic-Featured Artist-Park City, UT

2009-Utah Art Festival-Salt Lake City, UT

2009-Local Fireworks-Gallery MAR, Park City, UT

2009-It's a Lush Life-Gallery MAR, Park City, UT

2009-Late Nights & City Lights-Aventine, San Francisco, CA

2009-Little Gems-Chroma Gallery, Savannah, GA

2009-Holiday Small Works-Alpine Art, Salt Lake City, UT

2008-Nighthawk/Sweetgrass-Chroma Art Gallery, Savannah, GA

2008-Kimball Art Festival-Park City, UT

2008-Go! Downtown Albuquerque Art Festival-Albuquerque, NM

2008-Little Gems-Chroma Gallery, Savannah, GA

2007-Bay Area Influence-The Other Side of California-Wendt Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

2007-Small Works - Robert Lange Studios, Charleston, SC

2007-7 Times 6-Chroma Gallery, Savannah, GA

2007-Little Gems-Chroma Gallery, Savannah, GA

2006-Reflections - Robert Lange Studios, Charleston, SC

2006-Moore and Memmott - Robert Lange Studios, Charleston, SC

2006-100 Under $200 - ChromaArtGallery, Savannah, GA

2006-Grand Opening - RLS Gallery Upstairs, Charleston, SC

2006-Contemporary Classics - ChromaArtGallery, Savannah, GA

2006-Art Feast - Blue Line Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2006-Permanent Collection Exhibition - Ritz Carlton, San Francisco, CA

STATEMENT: My work is based upon an examination of the dynamic interplay of light and color in what appear to be common, everyday but, to me, intriguing surroundings. The geometry of the stacked buildings: residential bordering industrial, rotating colors of houses, apartments, and cars that line city blocks, or cool nights broken by warm lights and passersby all convey the originality of my vision and environment.

Subjects become most interesting when light strikes surfaces, fracturing images and separating them into dramatic patterns and shapes. The values of the planes shift from light to dark and I begin to discern a rhythm to their order. Such elements exist in everything I see. Oil paint allows me to portray my vision best. I am driven by the process of painting and leaving evidence of the creation in each piece. I push and pull the paint, losing areas and bringing them back. Dripping, splattering, smudging, scumbling, and glazing are all techniques I employ. I find it fascinating to study the balance between shapes and colors as they transition from abstract to discernible and recognizable images. This fascination is apparent in my application of paint: I am sometimes loose and expressive and other times tight and formulated. As demonstrated in my paintings, I am interested in the line between abstraction and representation, chaos and control. Through this dialogue and spontaneous approach to my work I am able to maintain exciting and visually interesting compositions and keep myself emotionally involved in each piece. In each instance a subject offers the opportunity for inquiry and imagination. When others enjoy my paintings I want them to see not only the world they live in but perhaps themselves in new and refreshing ways.