October 30th, 2020

As the art market trends more and more digital, we’ve looking for innovative new ways to continue connecting beautiful artworks with the people who will cherish them. In our latest blog series, “Picture This,” we use the magic of Photoshop to present our artists’ latest work in a whole new light. So if for whatever reason you’re unable to stop by the gallery, we hope to help you virtually experience these fresh, new works in beautiful, modern settings.

In our third installment of the series, we imagine how you can reinvigorate your space with this fall’s latest Gallery MAR artwork. We’ll show you a few styles and pairings that we love and breakdown how you can get the looks for yourself.

So if you’re on the hunt for inspiration or if you’re looking for new ways to liven up your space, what better place to start than with these stunning pieces in dreamy spaces?



Alison Rash’s large-scale painting “Static” harmonizes well with Shawna Moore’s small encaustics “Waterscape 1, 2, 3” in this blue-toned room.

Recently, we had a corporate collector who wanted most of the artworks in their collection to be within the blue family. The results were stunning. Choosing to pursue a color theme for your collection can help make your space feels cohesive and unified in a truly peaceful way. These blue-toned works by Alison Rash and Shawna Moore retain their bold uniqueness, all while harmonizing beautifully with one another and with the cool tones in the room. What kind of color palette best suits your space?


Alison Rash, “Static,” acrylic, 79″ x 60″

Shawna Moore, “Waterscape 1, 2, 3,” encaustic, 12″ x 12″



Ron Russon’sElk Composition” makes a bold statement on this fireplace mantle

As the temperatures start to drop this season, we’re dreaming of the warmth of a fireplace hearth. In many of the homes we see in Park City, the fireplace can serve as the true heart of a home, especially during cooler times of the year. With this in mind, we recommend carefully selecting a strong, meaningful work for above your fireplace mantle. A colorful, dynamic work like this one by local artist Ron Russon will help set a bold, yet warm tone for your home, while also reminding your family fondly of memories from Park City.


Ron Russon, “Elk Composition,” oil, 48″ x 36″



The contemporary work of Laura Wait and R. Nelson Parrish suits the clean, elegant style of modern homes

In highly modern homes, we recommend selecting nonobjective contemporary art to compliment the style and elegance of your home. Laura Wait’s abstract work is composed of layers which alternate masterfully between intentionally obscured calligraphic strokes and bold abstract marks. These symbols and colors, comfortingly familiar, yet achingly unrecognizable, ask viewers to ponder their meaning. Such beautiful, thought-provoking compositions belong in spaces where viewers have time to sit and contemplate a work, like a dining or sitting room.

Matching Laura Wait’s work in both color and fascinating abstraction, R. Nelson Parrish’s sculpture “Light Squall” brings excitement and interest to any space. We recommend placing a Parrish work in a well-lit room as the natural sunlight can transform the work by gorgeously illuminating the bioresin within each sculpture.


Laura Wait, “On Thin Ice,” encaustic, 24″ x 60″

R. Nelson Parrish, “Light Squall,” bioresin and wood, 69″ x 4″ x 2″



This oil painting by Aaron Memmott and bronze sculpture by Wayne Salge bring an air of sophistication to any room.

We love to see a great art pairing – especially a pairing of wall art with sculpture. If you’re looking to diversify the type of art in your home, try finding a common theme, color palette, or tone to tie your works of different media together. A modern, streamlined bronze sculpture like Wayne Salge’s still pairs beautifully with the more traditional oil brush strokes of Aaron Memmott thanks to their shared cool gray color palette and refined tone.


Aaron Memmott, “Apres,” oil, 40″ x 30″

Wayne Salge, “Whoo,” bronze, 28″ x 9″ x 8″



Add layers of interest to your space with different media like Stefan Heyer’s painting on panel, Jared Davis’ glass antler chandelier, and Richard Taylor’s wood and steel sculpture.

If your room blends traditionalism with modernism, look for art that does the same. Stefan Heyer’s painting on raw panel brings out the earthy, autumnal tones in the room while his expressionistic strokes emphasize the more contemporary aspects of the space.

The warmth of the space is elevated with a brilliant antler chandelier by glass artist Jared Davis. Similarly, the earthy elements used in Richard Taylor’s modern sculpture help further marry the contemporary and traditional themes in the room. By layering differently textured pieces like the panel, paint, glass, steel, and wood within these three works, you can add greater interest to your space.


Stefan Heyer, “The Raw Earth,” mixed media, 43″ x 48″

Richard Taylor, “Gathering,” mixed media, 11″ x 12″ x 8″

We hope this installment of our “Picture This” series has given you some art inspiration for your home, or better yet, shown you something new to love. If you’d like to see how a piece might look in your space, let us know and we’ll be happy to Photoshop some magic just for you.



Written by Veronica Vale