December 15th, 2016


“With purpose and passion, Parrish…brings art and athleticism into graceful contact.
That is rare and inspiring.
It’s also the mark of Parrish’s originality.”

-David Pagel, Art Critic, LA Times


After several years of admiring the work of R. Nelson Parrish, we are delighted to announce that we now represent his work at our Park City gallery. Many of our Park City locals and visitors may recognize his work from exhibitions in our area through the Kimball Art Center. He has been a wonderful supported of arts in Summit County, and has completed several important commissions for local collectors.

R. Nelson Parrish earned his BFA from the University of Nevada-Reno and his MFA from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He approaches his art as a means of reconciling an ongoing investigation into the subtle contrasts between the natural and man-made conditions and states. Recognizing the increasing speed at which the global society operates, Parrish is keen to observe the skill to induce disengagement from the tumult and seeming chaos of participants in adrenaline sports — a means to draw upon singular focus to the present.

Born and raised in Alaska, he finds inspiration in both the rugged elements of his native home and his current surroundings in urban southern California. Drawn directly from his experience skiing, racing and surfing—that is, shifting through landscapes at high speeds—the artist translates the blur of movement into brilliant flashes of color which he appropriately entitles: racing stripes. Thickly layering clear and semi-translucent resin, fiberglass and intense bands of pigment onto planks of boldly grained native woods in suspended positions above, adjoining and against one another, Parrish provokes in us the desire to plumb the depths to seek out and discern the synthetic from the natural.

Combining refreshing adrenaline with relaxing terror, Parrish seeks to create works that are a visual translation of these synergies. Landscape, object and movements fuse into one. Please visit the gallery to experience the artwork in person.