May 15th, 2024

In Sara Edgar’s artwork, whimsy and profundity intertwine, offering viewers a journey from the playful to the contemplative. At first glance, her pieces might appear lighthearted, even nonsensical, with images like orange traffic cones and elephants adorning household shapes. However, a closer look reveals deeper narratives and reflections on life’s challenges and joys.

“Small Obstacles #6” by Sara Edgar 36″ x 36″


Obstacles, both physical and metaphorical, are part of the ongoing work within ourselves and our relationships.

In her statement, Edgar explains that her “small obstacles” series, featuring traffic cones within house shapes, symbolizes the hurdles and construction zones we encounter in our lives. These obstacles, both physical and metaphorical, are part of the ongoing work within ourselves and our relationships. The familiar imagery of traffic cones juxtaposed with the idea of a home invites viewers to consider the obstacles they face in their personal lives and the work required to navigate them.

“Harlequin” by Sara Edgar 48″ x 48″

The use of elephants in her art also carries significant meaning. Initially inspired by circus imagery to symbolize life’s struggles and experiences, Sara has since reimagined elephants to represent “white elephant” scenarios or “the elephant in the room.” In pieces like “Harlequin,” the elephant is depicted as a performer, reflecting on the roles and expectations we assume within our homes and relationships.

“Bright Spots” by Sara Edgar 36″ x 36″

In contrast, Edgar’s new series featuring Weiner dogs is a delightful departure, focusing simply on the joy and happiness these dogs bring. Her decision to paint dogs in shirts or hats, “living their best lives” as she put it, adds a touch of humor and lightness to her work, reminding viewers of the simple pleasures in life.

“Somewhere Warm” by Sara Edgar 16″ x 20″


Through her art, Sara Edgar invites us to find meaning in the mundane, encouraging us to reflect on our own lives and the obstacles we face. Her work reminds us that behind every whimsical image lies a deeper narrative waiting to be explored.

“Still Standing” by Sara Edgar 48″ x 48″