December 23rd, 2023

In our blog series, “Picture This,” we use the magic of Photoshop to present our artists’ latest artwork in a whole new light and offer you a few of our recommendations to bring beauty, joy, and cheer to your home this holiday season.

In this holiday installment of the series, we present a winter wonderland of Gallery MAR artwork in beautiful settings. So if you’re on the hunt for inspiration, or if you’re looking for new ways to liven up your space, we hope you’ll start start with these fresh, stunning pieces in dreamy spaces.



KOLLABS, “June & Jade,” mixed media, 48″ x 60″

KOLLABS duo, Anke Scofield and Luis Garcia-Nerey, combine their talents to create stunning mixed media works celebrating and juxtaposing American wildlife with vintage domesticity. This work “June and Jade” will bring a bit of wildness and even more refined sophistication into your home as this team combines the spirit of the wild foxes with gorgeous chandelier imagery. Learn more about this artist duo in our interview with them here and find their latest works on the artist page here at Gallery MAR.



Samantha da Silva, “108 Mantras,” mixed media, 60″ x 36″

New Gallery MAR Artist, Samantha da Silva considers nature her co-creator. Each piece is inspired by the earth and comes from the earth as she incorporates earthy pigments, powders, and minerals into her work. Check out our blog on her work to learn more about her natural processes here. This particular piece, “108 Mantras,” embodies her signature style of earthy textures and heavenly colors. The blues and metallic golds in this piece are sure to complement any space, especially one as large and dynamic as this stone fireplace here. Play up the textures in your home with the textual work of Samantha da Silva.



Matt Flint, “Beyond V,” mixed media, 60″ x 44″

Wyoming-based artist Matt Flint is renowned for his wildlife paintings of the American West. This new floral series feels in keeping with the wildness of his Western work, while introducing a dynamic new floral element that feels powerful, yet delicate, highly textured, yet understated. This big, bold work is the perfect statement piece for the large spaces in your home. Plus, with the message of hope that these blooms bring, you and your loved ones will be wishing on this dandelion for generations to come.



Jonathan Julien, “Ski-Tee,” acrylic, 36″ x 40″

As a skier himself, local artist Jonathan Julien well understands the joy and freedom of a day on the slopes. He imbues his paintings with that free spirit, from the lavender and golden hues on the snow to the energetic skiers depicted in between. This piece is one of our personal favorite ski paintings of his, and one of the only ski pieces of his currently available.

Fun fact: If you look closely at the front skier, you’ll notice she looks just a little bit like our Gallery MAR owner Maren Mullin. Jonathan Julien sent us a quick note about the unconscious resemblance, saying, “Maren is positively electric! She has the special ability to energize and bring excitement for what you’re doing in the studio. This was manifested last week when it seemed to me that I subliminally painted a Maren lookalike into one of paintings. She appeared as a regal and tan spring skier cruising fast down the slopes. All too fitting.” Who do you see in this skier painting?



Bridgette Meinhold, “Artifacts of Remembrance,” encaustic, 47″ x 60″

Local artist Bridgette Meinhold’s work has been placed in homes all across the country, but seeing her work in a snowy mountain home like this one reminds us just how skilled she is at capturing the magic of the alpine mountains. Her window into our snowy world reflects the real windows peering outside as the snow falls gently onto blankets of pristine snow. Meinhold likes to say, “yes, I paint trees, but really, I’m painting air.” The layers of encaustic paint she applies creates a feeling of deep atmosphere in her paintings. This hazy atmosphere combined with her soft swirling colors in the sky will give your home that beautiful dreamy feel. This diptych, “Artifacts of Remembrance,” is the perfect size for a true statement piece. Plus, the reclaimed wood frames add a sense of texture to the space, which feels right at home cast against a stone chimney like this one.



Fred Calleri, “Deep Space,” oil, 36″ x 24″

This piece by Fred Calleri, has all the charm of a vintage ski poster with all the colorful sophisticated whimsy that Calleri is renowned for. The latest works of Fred Calleri depict snowy scenes of wintry wonderland, and this work is no exception. These mountains can’t help but remind us of our beloved Park City slopes, while the limited color power of this piece makes this work easy to place anywhere in your home to add a pop of color and a nostalgic moment of natural winter wonder.


Written and Photoshopped by Veronica Vale