December 26th, 2023


Samantha daSilva Collector’s Edition Ugg Boots – Edition 1/10 “Gritty” style

Announcing! Collector’s Edition Ugg Boots – Edition of 10

Created by Samantha da Silva

$495 per pair


Inspired by the artist’s own artistic studio boots, we present the Collectors Collection Ugg Boots by Samantha da Silva, in a limited edition of 10.

The idea for the hand-painted accessory originated when gallery owner Maren Mullin visited daSilva’s studio, and noticed the artist’s boots: they were artistic, funky, and original. And together we thought, “who wouldn’t want their own custom-designed Uggs?” After daSilva created Edition 1/10, seen above, we decided to keep the side and bottom of the sole clean, without paint, for the future editions.

Each boot is hand-painted by the artist, with three custom color choices and metallics. You select the size and: do you want “Glam,” or “Gritty?” A suggested combo: dark blue with gold and silver, in the “Glam” style. Or choose the pink, magenta, and gold combo as seen below.

Now taking edition orders through January 15th for a February 9th delivery – perfect timing for Valentine’s Day! Email the gallery today.


“Glam” Collector’s Edition Ugg Boots



The artist’s own boots: the origins of inspiration — splattered by the artwork that she creates in her Salt Lake City studio.