October 5th, 2023

In our blog series, “Picture This,” we use the magic of Photoshop to present our artists’ latest work in a whole new light. So if for whatever reason you’re unable to stop by the gallery, we hope to help you virtually experience these fresh, new works in beautiful, modern settings.

In this installment of the series, we imagine how you can reinvigorate your space with this fall’s latest Gallery MAR artwork. We’ll show you a few styles and pairings that we love and break down how you can get the looks for yourself.

So if you’re on the hunt for inspiration or if you’re looking for new ways to liven up your space, what better place to start than with these stunning pieces in dreamy spaces?


Bridgette Meinhold, “What Remains,” encaustic, 40″ x 60″

This diptych by local artist Bridgette Meinhold is just destined for a fireplace mantel or somewhere in your home of equal significance. Her works add a beautiful window to any room, displaying even greater imaginative beauty with its dreamy colors and atmospheric encaustic layers. Part of the excitement and appeal of a diptych like this one is that you can install it to suit your space. Hang the paintings flush together for a continuous look or add a little distance between the two to accommodate your larger spaces. 


Havoc Hendricks, “Showing Off,” mixed media, 48.5″ x 24.5″

Keep your space looking light and airy with this bright, streamlined mountainscape by local artist, Havoc Hendricks. With the intricate line work and soft subtle colors of Hendricks’ work, you can show off this piece “Showing Off” while still suiting the light and airy tone of your space. This work can bring greater depth, interest, and beauty to your space without distracting or competing with it. 

Plus, in a tall space like this, the long vertical orientation of the work fits beautifully with the molding over the fireplace. For spaces with wainscotting or panel molding like this one, we recommend keeping your artwork away from the edges of the molding. Keeping too small a gap between your wall molding and the edges of your work will create a feeling of tightness and feel optically cramped. With a work of this shape, you can allow greater space between your work and the molding, allowing the eye to relax and your room to feel bigger and lighter.



Left: Michael Kessler, “Backwater (6),” acrylic, 28″ x 20″ | Right: Kenneth Peloke, “Learning to Fly,” oil, 24″ x 48″

New Gallery MAR Artist, Kenneth Peloke’s work is the perfect statement piece for above a headboard, as we showed in our last “Picture This: Above the Bed” series of the now-sold work “Break Away.” This long horizontal piece, “Learning to Fly,” is our new favorite over-the-bed complement. This piece will add a little bit of subtle drama and boldness to the space, while still feeling peaceful. This black-and-white beauty allows its interest to lie in other elements: its value, contrast, composition, and detail. This also enables it to suit almost any color scheme you’re looking for. 

Speaking of bringing forth all elements of design, our beloved artist Michael Kessler, has long identified other intriguing design aspects like texture, gradation, dramatic lighting effects, and chiaroscuro as essential to his work. In his own words, “If I can achieve all of this interest in grayscale or a limited color palette, why would I complicate it?” His work “Backwater (6)” demonstrates this very concept to stunning effect. It’s rare to find a Michael Kessler of this smaller size, so if you’re looking for all of the boldness and interest of a Michael Kessler original on a smaller, more easily placeable scale, we’ve got you covered.



Left: Fred Calleri, “The Messenger,” oil, 40″ x 30″ | Right: Sandra Pratt, “Autumn Barn,” oil, 8″ x 16″

These two Gallery MAR works encapsulate everything we love about fall and our Gallery MAR artists. The work “The Messenger” by Fred Calleri feels subtly autumnal in its color palette and scenery, while still suiting every season in your home with its moody landscape and striking figure. The figure’s gaze seems to draw us in down the path of this beautiful, whimsical world.

This smaller, pint-size work by local artist, Sandra Pratt will add an element of charm and beauty to any space. Layer this work into your very own Shelfie (check out our gallery owner, Maren Mullin‘s tips and tricks for creating the perfect Shelfie), prop it up on your dresser to look at every day, or hang it as the perfect final touch to your gallery wall. Pratt’s alla prima paintings will bring the beauty of simplicity to any space that needs a little more love.



Kenneth Peloke, “Different Point of View,” oil, 60″ x 48″

New Gallery MAR artist Kenneth Peloke is renowned for two beautiful styles: his hyper realistic, vintage feeling oil paintings of Western wildlife and his beautiful silhouetted abstractions of Western life. In this new piece, he combines the two styles, combining a stunningly realistic bison painting with elements of bold design framing the wildlife. In our latest interview with the artist coming to the blog soon, Peloke chats excitedly about his ambitions to combine the two styles more and more. We cannot wait to see the beauty that comes of this and are excited to show you soon as we welcome this new artist to the Gallery MAR team. We look forward to matching his work and the work of all of our artists to your own stunning spaces.


Interested in seeing how these summery Gallery MAR works might shine in your home? Email us at info@gallermar.com, and we’ll use our Photoshop magic to help you better envision the work in your space.


Written and Photoshopped by Veronica Vale