August 25th, 2023

In our newest segment of our “Picture This” blog series, we show you how to set the tone for one of the most important spaces in your home: the bedroom.

Through these beautiful Photoshopped In Situs, we offer our suggestions for selecting the work you want to wake up to every morning. Whether you’re excited for the opportunity to be big and bold or are looking for a way to add greater peace and tranquility to your bedroom, let Gallery MAR show you how to make the most of this all-important space.



Kenneth Peloke, “Sepia Horse,” oil, 48″ x 60″

Here at Gallery MAR, we like to keep our art fresh and bold, and that means introducing our collectors to new talented artists, like that of new Gallery MAR Artist, Kenneth Peloke. Peloke’s hauntingly beautiful photorealist oil paintings of wildlife will bring bold beauty to your space. This larger-than-life equine portrait, “Sepia Horse,” strikes the balance between traditional and contemporary for those spaces with all the warmth of a more traditional style and all the bold dynamism of a more modern style. Plus, with the average king size bed measuring 76 inches wide, this 60″ x 48” piece is the perfect size and shape to create a splash above your headboard.



Michael Kessler, “Skyfields (1),” acrylic, 55″ x 77″

There are a few places in the home reserved for your largest, boldest artistic statements. The fireplace mantle is one such space, however, one of the our favorite spaces to be bold is above the bed. Michael Kessler’s abstract landscape work fits the bill of big, bold, and beautiful. His works feel simultaneously powerful and peaceful, a rare combination to find. This piece, “Skyfields (1)” is awash in steely blues and grays, which bring out the texture of the concrete wall in this more modern bedroom setting. Which textures in your space would be brought forth by the textural work of Michael Kessler?



Pamela Murphy, “Checkmate,” oil 26″ x 31″

The warmth of this dark, stylish bedroom, with its navy blue and copper accents, beckons for a painting that complements without competing too strongly with its beautifully intricate design. In spaces like this, Pamela Murphy’s beautifully understated work becomes the finishing touch. The textures in the chandelier, carpet, headboard, and end bench of this room harmonize beautifully with the layered texture of Pamela Murphy‘s work. Plus, any work featuring a pair like in this piece “Checkmate” feels beautifully apt for a bedroom setting. This pair of sweet, nuzzling bunnies can give your bedroom a sweetly sophisticated, yet subtly romantic feel.



Hunt Slonem, “Blues 2,” oil, 24″ x 36″

Hunt Slonem’s work is sure to add a pop of color and joy to any space. The exoticism of his bright, vibrant style feels bafflingly at home in almost any context. From more traditional, cozy spaces to clean white, modern ones, his ornate, gilded frames and vibrant contour lined paintings strike the perfect balance between new and old, traditional and modern worlds, marrying the two in beautiful vibrancy.

We love how his ornate gold frame brings out the metallic and gold accents in this room, while his blue bunnies add the pop of color that the more neutral room sorely needs. Remember that the art above your bed is the perfect opportunity to be to add color and joy to your space.



Samantha Da Silva, “Woman Seeks God,” mixed media, 48″ x 36″

The work of new Gallery MAR artist Samantha daSilva carries with it all of the transcendental beauty that you could ask for for a bedroom piece. The way that nature plays across the canvas – sometimes literally (see our new blog on her and her work here for more) -, gives the textured surface of her work a gorgeously spontaneous feel while the metallic hues and soft, muted palette gives her work an almost spiritual feel. The soft, peaceful, transcendental mood that her work evokes is exactly the kind of mood you would want to fall asleep to every night and rise to every morning.


Interested in seeing how these new Gallery MAR works might look in your home? Email us at, and we’ll use our Photoshop magic to help you better envision the work in your space.

Written and Photoshopped by Veronica Vale