April 28th, 2023

Jylian Gustlin, “Divus 41,” 36″ x 24″, Mixed Media


By Rachelle Pimentel, FIne Art Consultant

We live to express ourselves, chase beauty, and make sense of our experiences

Since arriving at the gallery, I’ve been contemplating the importance of art in our day-to-day lives. How art is everywhere and in almost everything we consume, use, and interact with. How deep down we’re all artists in one way or another. Simply picking our outfit for the day is a form of artistic expression. The way we arrange food on a plate when cooking a meal is done with artistic intention. Even things as practical as the cars we drive and homes we live in have been designed with a specific aesthetic in mind, hoping to evoke a feeling to whomever gazes upon them.




Without art, our world would be void of beauty, creativity, and human expression.


I think there’s no better way to truly understand the importance of art than to imagine a world without it entirely. I spent hours doing this and the world I imagined was a bleak — and boring — place. It was quite difficult to separate the concept of art from life itself.  Art in all its forms has been an integral part of culture and the human experience for thousands of years. It enriches our lives, stimulates our imaginations, and helps us connect with one another on a deeper level. Without art, our world would be void of beauty, creativity, and human expression.



The absence of art would be felt in every aspect of our lives. We would no longer have music to move us, paintings to inspire us or books and films to entertain us. The world would be stripped of color, texture and vibrancy. Without art there would be no cultural landmarks or iconic buildings to admire, no murals or sculptures to celebrate our shared heritage and no poetry or literature to illuminate the human experience. All of our houses would look the same, cars would look the same, food would be purely for sustenance instead of joy and clothing would be worn for practical purposes only and nobody would be able to express their personality through their home décor or fashion choices.


“After the Rain” by Patrick St. Clair, Oil, 24″ x 30″


Our emotional well-being would suffer grately without art because art serves as a form of therapy and healing for many individuals. Without these outlets people would struggle to find solace and comfort when faced with life’s difficulties. We live to express ourselves, chase beauty, and make sense of our experiences and art is simply a bi-product of that deeply human need.



Art is also essential for many industries. How many jobs would disappear without a need for art in our lives? There would be no musicians, comedians, writers, actors, dancers, painters, designers, hair stylists, jewelry makers, architects, makeup artists, chefs, graphic designers or fashion designers. There wouldn’t even be a tourism industry, because why would anyone travel to another part of the world if all the food, music and architecture was the same? Art often serves as the heart of the cultural experience in many countries, attracting visitors from all over the world.



A world without art would limit our ability to understand and appreciate other cultures. In fact, there would be no other cultures. The way we express ourselves artistically and even our particular taste in art is what makes us unique as well as what brings us together. Art is a universal language that transcends borders and even time. Art brings meaning to life… at least life on this planet.


I’ll conclude by quoting one of my favorite comedians; “The EARTH without ART is just EH.” -Demetri Martin