June 1st, 2022

In the heart of the pandemic, we started the blog series “Picture This” to help you better visualize fine art works in your home by placing them in beautiful context. Now that the gallery is open and people are out and about enjoying Main Street once again (yay!), we are excited to help you see even more beautiful art in the context of our gallery and in your real homes.

However, no amount of gallery space can quite capture the way that our outdoor sculpture artists’ work looks on the horizon of a beautiful, sweeping landscape. So here we have curated for you a few examples of how Jamie Burnes’ and Joe Norman’s outdoor sculptures can transform and elevate outdoor spaces.




Jamie Burnes, “Three Rings,” wood and steel, 76″ x 76″ x 32″

Jamie Burnes’ wood and stainless steel works beautifully suit any natural environment, from the alpine mountains of Utah to the vast desert of the Southwest. Here you can see how his abstract work, “Three Rings,” simultaneously stands out, yet harmonizes with its surroundings. Sometimes the best kinds of outdoor sculpture are ones that seem to be of the earth, offering new iterations of natural beauty.



Joe Norman, “Run and Fly,” steel, 8′ x 3′ x 3′

Any centerpiece in your yard or property warrants beautiful views from every angle. Joe Norman’s dual-message works show a different, fascinating perspective from each side. With his dual-message works, like this piece “Run/Fly,” we recommend placing the sculpture somewhere centrally located, so that you and your guests can walk around the sculpture and appreciate its depth and double meaning from all sides.



Jamie Burnes, “Dennis the Bison,” wood and steel, 76″ x 116″ x 30″

Jamie Burnes’ outdoor sculpture is built to withstand the elements. From his studio outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico to homes in and around Park City Utah and across the country, the strong and weather-hardy stainless steel and wood sculptures are resilient in any climate. Even in the heart of a Park City winter, these sculptures will stand strong. We love how the white sheet of snow can help make your Burnes’ sculpture shine even brighter.



Joe Norman, “Girl Hawk,” steel, 6′ x 2′ x 2′

Something about the staggered installation of these two works animates the sculptures and imbues them with a sense of movement. The young girl seems to run and soar like the hawk on her sculptures’ flip-side. Like many of Joe Norman’s sculptural works, these pieces are best suited for more central locations in your yard, so that they can be appreciated from all sides. Pairing the works together enhances the experience even more, ensuring that no matter what side you view the work from, you can always see and appreciate both messages conveyed.



Jamie Burnes, “Gabriel the Horse,” wood and steel, 76″ x 101″ x 22″

Wildlife and animal lovers rejoice! Jamie Burnes‘ sculptural work offers beautiful, abstract depictions of your favorite animals, from hares and feline friends to bison and horses. His equine sculptures have quickly become collector favorites. With their signature grace and poise, these horse sculptures are particularly well-suited for any home or environment. They feel especially befitting on this stunning ranch property. Which animal lovers in your life would love their very own homage to their favorite stallion?



Interested in seeing what one of these works would look like in your yard? Email a photo of your property to the gallery at info@gallerymar.com, and we’ll work some Photoshop magic for you to show you the stunning potential of your space.


Words and Design by Veronica Vale