Joe Norman

Joe Norman is a local Salt Lake artist and teacher. He graduated with a degree in engineering from Stanford University prior to careers in product design consulting, education, and fine art.His furniture and sculpture explores environments that support and promote communities.Many of his designs are direct results of working with schools, families, and businesses to develop places that encourage people to work and be together in positive and supportive ways.

Joe believes that gathering places feed the soul of our communities; that it is around our kitchens or with our feet propped up on coffee tables that we have some of our most important conversations. He thinks the most important part of his work isn't the tables he makes, but rather it is about the people that are sitting around them. In other words, we do not need more stuff in our lives that does not bring us together in community.

Joe's furniture is made with recycled and environmentally conscious processes and materials whenever possible; he considers the earth itself as an important member of our global community. In fact, many of his ideas in were born from wrecking yards, recycling centers, and retired bicycles. His machine shop is powered by renewable wind energy. For more information please visit

    • The Colony, Park City, UT
      Location: The Colony, Park City, UT
      Artist: Joe Norman