June 28th, 2021

Beauty and intrigue are magnified when art meets literature and design. This is why we love art books. If you’re interested in learning more about our artists or would love to have your coffee table book match your beautiful new artwork, then we have the art book collection for you.

We have curated a few of our Gallery MAR artists’ art books for your viewing pleasure, along with ways to make these books your own. So dive with us into the wonderful worlds of our artists in their very own art books.


Explore the vibrant worlds of Neo-expressionist painter Hunt Slonem, through one of his many published art books. A few of the books center around his dramatic and vivid paintings, from the exotic birds inspired by his childhood in Hawaii to the colorful butterflies of his young travels, to the whimsical bunnies of his imagination. Step inside these worlds of bright color and rich texture within Slonem’s art books or read more about his passion for interior design and his impressive collection of antiquities and historic homes. You can find the full collection of 15 art books on Hunt Slonem’s website here.


In another of Jylian Gustlin’s family collaborations, the mixed media artist words alongside her sister, Dr. Deborah Gustlin, an art history professor and textbook author, to create an inspiring book of Gustlin’s work.  This book is composed of dazzling images of Gustlin’s work, from her figure paintings to her abstract series, alongside personal anecdotes from the artist herself. Plus, with a foreword from Gustlin’s close friend, activist and music legend Joan Baez, this book is not to be missed. Find the book here.



Laura Wait’s gorgeously hand-crafted books bring a whole new meaning to the idea of art books. While Wait not focuses predominantly on mixed media paintings, like the ones we’ve come to love here at Gallery MAR, she originally began her career as a book binding artist. You can see and learn more about her masterfully crafted books here.


Before Bridgette Meinhold was the encaustic artist we now know and love, she was working as a writer for various websites, focusing on sustainability in design, fashion, and architecture. Now Bridgette Meinhold has combined her talents in art and writing into this beautifully crafted art book. Down Deso tells the story of Meinhold’s journey white rafting through Desolation Canyon in Utah through beautiful sketchbook-inspired pages. It was this trip down the canyon that prompted her to pursue a career in art. Learn more about her emotional journey and artistic revelation as recounted through her personal journal entries, hand-drawn sketches, watercolor paintings, and more through her book here.


Shawna Moore gives us a beautiful new way to appreciate her encaustic work through her art books. Each book contains high quality images of Shawna Moore’s work alongside original quotes from the author and behind-the-scenes-photos of her process. You can find the full .pdf versions of these books on her website here.


This year, we at Gallery MAR have created a fresh new way to tell the story of our gallery through our first Gallery MAR Book. In Volume I of the Gallery MAR Book, you’ll find fresh art from our 35 artists, an introduction to Gallery MAR Carmel, in situ photos of our artists work installed in collectors’ homes and corporate collections, exclusive interviews with our artists, an introduction to the Art Lounge at Gallery MAR, immersive collector experiences, and more.

We have designed this book as a thank you to you, our collectors, for your patronage and support of our ever new, constantly evolving gallery.

Written by Veronica Vale