July 25th, 2020

Q: “I’d like to have a portrait of my most beloved family member painted, can you help me with that?”

A: “You mean your dog, don’t you? Of course!”


Here at Gallery MAR, we feel honored when asked to assist our clients with bespoke commissions of their families — including that very special member of the family: their pet. Several of our artists are tuned into what makes a pet portrait especially memorable, so allow us to introduce you to a few of them. Interested in your own custom work of art? Contact the gallery for details.


Based in Wisconsin, Pamela Murphy works in oil with metallic on distressed and weathered canvases. We love her unique approach to capturing the playful nature of our pets: each painting feels in and of itself a work of art. And Murphy loves to add meaningful touches to her commissions, connecting the artwork to her collectors in a way that a photograph alone can never muster. Murphy lives on a a farm and has her own dogs, chickens, goats, and more — and really understands the connection between man and pet.

“I’ve had a number of animal companions (I wish they could live forever) and know the happiness and joy they bring.  When people ask for a painting of their pet, I know they want something that depicts that love. I enjoy looking for personality and trying to portray it.”

Several examples of her pet portrait work are below.






One of my most cherished works of art is a commission of my own dog, Molly, painted by Minnesota artist Mary Scrimgeour. With layers of oil paint on canvas, Scrimgeour allows her playful creativity to spark on each painting; with this artist it’s best to send a photo of your pet– and let her magic take over! The request for the painting featured below was “lots of labs on green grass,” and we think Scrimgeour did the perfect job bringing these elements together — and more. The results are featured in the In Situ image, the primary bath’s main wall.




Interested in your own custom work of art? Contact the gallery for details.