September 12th, 2015

Just arrived from Colorado artist Maura Allen is “On the Run,” a bold and beautiful display of late summer rodeos and roundups.  Maura tours these western, iconic venues looking for memorable impressions and gestures captured in the glorious, clear light of early and late day activities. Here are her notes about this painting:

“This summer, I spent time on a dozen ranches and rodeos. One gal—Amanda—stood out. Every time I looked up on the horizon, she was there, riding and running with the wranglers. She was the only woman in the bunch, but that’s not what made her memorable. She had a certain way of holding the reins—what the ranchers call ‘soft hands.’ Gentle yet firm, elegant but authoritative—I’m certain she applies that same signature style whether on or off her horse.”

Horses, like people, respond best to a soft and steady hand at the reins. How is your grip on life these days?