June 28th, 2010

Bridgette Meinhold, from her “Family of Trees” series, Encaustic, 2010

Last fall, I purchased one of Bridgette Meinhold’s figurative encaustic and mixed media works from Phoenix Gallery’s miniature show. The artist dropped by my gallery a few weeks later and introduced herself. As I came to learn more about Meinhold (formerly Steffen), I decided to add her works to our 2nd Annual Local Fireworks show, here at Gallery MAR this weekend.

Where she lives, this artist has nature at her beck and call, and her pieces are inspired by her surroundings– aspen trees, mountain vistas, wildlife, and the changing seasons. In her latest encaustic works, we are seeing families of trees as they grow and change with each season (see above). The surface quality of her wax paintings is thick and lush– many layers go into each work, and graphite transfers are common. Later this summer, we will feature a group of works inspired by the plight of the honey bee, for our “Bee Conscious” series.

Last night, I visited Meinhold in her studio in Brighton Estates, over the back of Deer Valley. She lives there with her fireman husband Matt, on what they call the “Meinhold Compound.” Dog Cooper met us at their door, and we got a tour of the grounds (see below for pictures). Her studio and Matt’s workshop are each a divided half of a reclaimed shipping crate. They’re insulated and rigged the crate into a lovely (albeit narrow) space in which to work. Their whole space is incredible, and the hiking straight from their front door is divine. What a life…

Come by the gallery on Saturday from 3 to 5 pm to meet Meinhold and all of our local artists for our “Local Fireworks” celebration.

The Meinhold compound and [shipping container] studio