April 29th, 2010

Jennifer Carr, Fine Art Consultant at Gallery MAR, will be contributing to our Park City blog this spring, with her Italian Insights and Adventures. This week’s adventure brought Jennifer through the volcano cloud to Paris, France, where she begins her three month trip. Look for more updates and inspirations from her travels throughout Italy and beyond.

Jennifer Carr (center) with friends

I went to Paris for the weekend before my travels in Italy began. I had 3 days and 60 museums/monuments at my fingertips. Everywhere you looked were beautiful flowers, bridges and sculptures. The parks were filled with groups of people lounging and enjoying the day. The Louvre was incredible and a bit overwhelming; you could spend all day there and still have exhibition left to see.

We road bikes through the city so we wouldn’t miss any of the scenery as we went from Notre Dame, to the Champs- Elysees , the Eiffel Tower and the list continues…

My favorite space was the water lily rooms in the Musee de l’Organgerie. You walk through the doors and the walkway’s sides are filled with Monet’s history of his life, gardens, and paintings. You then enter the first room of blank walls and complete silence. As you move into the next room you understand why. The circular walls are filled with Monet’s water lily paintings from his series in 1916-1923. His garden and especially the lilies were a huge passion of his and it is very present throughout the room.

I have loved Monet since my elementary art docent introduced him to our class, and seeing his works of that magnitude, in person, was an amazing experience I will always remember.

Next up Milano……Ciao!