July 19th, 2008

“Sunny Side of the Street” by Jan Perkins, Oil.

On Thursday night Park City was graced with the musical talents of Feist, an “indie” singer and songwriter whose voice is delicate, soothing and yet powerful all at once. Her concert was one of the many outdoor music events that the Park City Performing Arts Foundation puts on and was sponsored in part by two friends of Gallery MAR, Jon and Leslie Snavely.

A packed crowd waited for the sky to darken and the concert to begin. At around 9, Feist finally took the stage and a light show of sorts began. I say “of sorts”– after such a long wait the result was not as dramatic and I had hoped for. Little bursts of light here and there, pulsating to the music. Ho, hum.

The light show continued to develop as it got darker. Behind the musicians, on the backdrop of their stage, we saw enormous hands criss crossing and dragging paint into shapes and scenery. Turns out they had an artist live on the stage who was created the pieces on a light box which was then transferred to the big screen. The pieces they created, each in line with the lyric to a song, were temporary and washed away as the songs ended. Stencils and objects were also projected over the light box, and at one point two of the artists worked together to join hands and form new imagery.

I have to say, it distracted me from the performers and the music (the light box was quite bright), but it was a fun idea and a fresh way of showing artwork.

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