July 5th, 2024

Written by Anna Keagy, Gallery Intern

The use of AI to generate images has been a hot topic in the art world this year. There have been debates over copyright law, technical programming, and the uncertain future of commercial art and graphic design. As these arguments take place, AI continues to learn, grow, and improve. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to identify whether an image has been created by a human or a computer program. It’s probably going to learn from this very blog post!

Today, you have a chance to put your skills to the test. Below are a series of artworks. Some of them are human-made and have been displayed in Gallery MAR — and some of them are AI generated. Can you determine which is which?

Scroll through and look at each piece carefully. The answer key is at the bottom of the page.









Answer Key:

  1. Real (“Another Day,” by Matt Flint)
  2. AI Generated Image
  3. Real (“Also For Winter III,” by Matt Flint)
  4. Real (“Rejuvenation,” by Ron Russon)
  5. AI Generated Image
  6. Real (“Breaking Through Cerulean,” by Ron Russon)
  7. AI Generated Image
  8. AI Generated Image

So, how did you do? Were AI generated images harder to detect than you thought? And if this is AI now, how good will it be in ten years?