July 1st, 2024

The last Friday of each month brings art lovers flocking to Park City’s historic Main Street for the monthly Gallery Stroll presented by the Park City Gallery Association. An enchanting evening riddled with creativity, camaraderie, and culture is a local favorite and Park City invites all to join. 

As visitors wander along the picturesque Main Street they are given the chance to immerse themselves in a delightful blend of art, refreshments, occasional live music, and warm company. If you are new to Park City or visiting the area, we shared our own recommended guide to a successful visit to Main Street for the festivities.


Start with a Cocktail

A quick visit to our nearby neighbors, the brand new cocktail bar on Main Street: The Palomino is the perfect first stop. 

Named after a horse of a different color that perfectly complements the exceptional dining experience of their sister restaurant Riverhorse. With carefully curated menus of signature cocktails, spirits, artisanal beers, fine wines, and delicious bites, locals and travelers alike can revel in familiar favorites or adventure with something truly new and unique. 

The Seamstress House Cocktail is our personal favorite! 

Photo credit: @paliominoparkcity on IG


Grab a Bite

Stop by the Palomino sister restaurant and treat yourself to a lovely dinner at Riverhorse on Main. 

One of the oldest and most distinguished restaurants on Park City’s Historic Main Street, you can enjoy. Located at exactly 540 Main Street, this culinary gem is where you can find American comfort food with a Southwest flair at this rustic, yet refined, Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant.

What’s not to love about great wine, amazing food and live music: the art! Pieces by our own Gallery MAR artists decorate the walls aiding in the creation of a casual but upscale ambiance fit for a ski town. 

Photo cred: @riverhorseonmain IG 


Where to Start your Stroll

Whether you start at the bottom of Main, up at the top or somewhere in the middle of the stretch, you can’t go wrong. Although, with the incline you would likely prefer you start at the top and walk down. Fret not, there is the free trolley that will take you where you need to go.

The Park City Gallery Association has created a very handy map that highlights the participating galleries – making it easy to follow along. 

Infographic cred: PCGA


Call us biased but we think starting at the top of the hill is the perfect way to stroll so that you can take in the view of the sunset and the mountains as you go. Look out for the Park City Gallery Association flags as you embark on your evening outing. 


Photo cred: Madison Baer


How to Stroll

As you stroll from gallery to gallery, revel in the incredible art scene that Park City has cultivated over the years. Each gallery boasts a different collection of artists, styles and mediums, ensuring that every viewer, from novice to expert, can find something to enjoy. 

New to the art scene? Remember these tips when meandering through a gallery: 

  • Take your time: Not all galleries are created equal. Some are meant to feature single artists while others might have multiple on one wall. Visiting a gallery is the perfect lesson in presence. Give each piece you view a moment to savor and appreciate what the artist is trying to convey to you. Notice how it makes you feel, what it makes you think. 
  • View then photograph: Photos are often encouraged but give yourself a moment to be with the work before snapping a picture! 
  • Be Curious, Not Judgemental: Whether the artists are onsite or not, the gallery professionals are there for a reason! Learn more about the artist’s inspiration, process or medium by being curious and asking questions. You might find a great appreciation when the context behind the piece is more apparent. 


Each gallery features light refreshments and more often than not, live music from local performers. Gallery Strolls are the perfect opportunity to enjoy the work of local businesses, performers and artists. Chat with fellow art collectors and appreciators and find community amongst your favorite galleries. 

Photo cred: Madison Baer


Post Stroll Enjoyment: 

Looking to continue to enjoy Park City’s iconic Main Street after the stroll? Head on over to the Spur Bar and Grill for live music and refreshments. A local hotspot and visitor favorite on the block, you can always find a full band in the “Back Bar” and a solo artist upstairs, making it impossible not to find an enjoyable environment to enjoy good drinks and good company! Also take a peek at the art on the walls there too. You might recognize some western inspired pieces by Gallery MAR artist, Maura Allen. 

The monthly Gallery Strolls are brought to you by the Park City Art Gallery Association. All locals, visitors and neighbors are invited to stop by the galleries as they roll out the〝red carpet〞 on the last Friday of every month from 6 pm to 9 pm to explore their captivating exhibitions and vast collections while you create lasting memories.

Curious to join us for the summer gallery strolls? Mark your calendars for the following dates: 

  • June 28th: 6 pm to 9 pm
  • July 26th: 6 pm to 9 pm
  • August 30th: 6 pm to 9 pm