May 23rd, 2024

By Rachelle Pimentel, Fine Art Consultant

Outside the sun is shining, the snow is melting, and green blades of grass are finally peeking up from the dirt. In the gallery, Spring comes alive through vibrant blooming canvases that invite viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the season.

So in the spirit of Spring, I’ll share a few of my favorite pieces that I feel really capture the essence of this time of year. 

“To See You In The Bloom” by Nina Tichava 60″ x 60″

Not only does the poetic title of Nina’a piece elude to the current season, but the bright colors and petal- like brushstrokes remind me of flowers blooming.


“Spring Barn” by Sandra Pratt 20″ x 20″

I absolutely love the pastel color palette of this piece by Sandra Pratt. Its peaceful and serene. What catches my eye most about it is last little patches of snow that linger on the grass as spring rolls in. Everybody who lives in the mountains is familiar with this scene. Its almost nostalgic. 


“Three Graces” by Laura Wait 60″ x 48″

This dazzling piece by Laura Wait just feels like spring. Its full of movement and beautiful organic shapes that just scream “LIFE!”


“Ski-Tee” by Jonathan Julien 36″ x 40″

Who doesn’t like getting a tan and skiing at the same time? Spring ski days are among my favorite, second only to fresh tracks on a powder day. This piece by Jonathan Julien perfectly captures these last days of the ski season. 


“Tundo Hutch” by Hunt Slonem 60″ round


I think if I asked you to pick an animal that best represents Spring, you would probably say “bunnies!” Coincidentally, they appear to be Hunt Slonem’s favorite animal to paint, and he does them oh so well. I love that no matter how many of them he puts in a painting the subtle variations of simple lines give each bunny such different personalities.