April 10th, 2024

Michael Kessler‘s “Aquaticfields (2),” 60″ x 96″, acrylic on panel


Light, bright, and earthy, this new collection by Michael Kessler reflects his time in nature and his delight in the mountain environment. The scale f the new works is vat: two of the new paintings are 60″ x 96″ and perfect for that large space that you have been looking to fill! ⁠

A true man of the outdoors, Kessler delivered his new paintings fresh from a visit to our local trout stream in Heber, where he caught several large bows. ⁠

We said “no thank you” to for the fish, but “yes please!’ to the (just as fresh) art!



Michael Kessler’s “Aspengroveblue (2),” 60″ x 96″, acrylic on panel



Michael Kessler at work on a painting right here at Gallery MAR.




Michael Kessler, “Goldenbranch (2),” 60″ x 96″, acrylic on panel