February 15th, 2024

Written by Rachelle Pimentel, Fine Art Consultant


“Embracing The Sky” by T.S. Harris 30″ x 30″


Whether it be skiing, surfing, fishing, cooking, or playing a musical instrument — define your passion! Why not surround yourself with images of the activities that bring you joy?

“Downhill Skier” by T.S. Harris 16″ x 16″

Art often serves serves as a reflection of our passions and hobbies, capturing the essence of the activities we love. These artistic expressions not only celebrate the beauty of our interests but also serve as poignant reminders, fostering a profound connection between our daily lives and the bliss of our preferred pass times. For me, its skiing, hiking and rock climbing, so I enjoy any paintings that remind me of being in the mountains. 


“Alpine Cool” by Fred Calleri 40″ x 30″


Through art, we can immortalize the thrill of a ski descent, the rhythmic dance with ocean waves, the serenity of a forest hike, the patience required for fishing, the culinary magic in our kitchens, the grace of horseback riding, and the simple joy found in nature’s embrace. Such art becomes a reservoir of inspiration, fueling our spirits and providing a visual sanctuary where we can revisit the core of what brings us joy.


“Go Get ‘Em” by Maura Allen, 40″ Round


So, what brings you joy?