January 16th, 2024

Written by Eileen Treasure, Manager

After the Apollo 11 spaceflight landed men on the moon in 1969, W.H. Auden, the English poet, wrote “Moon Landing.” It’s called a “grumpy poem” along with many of his later works because Auden disses the achievement and predicts no good will come of it. The last lines rise triumphant though — a call to action for creative souls:

Our apparatniks will continue making
the usual squalid mess called History:
all we can pray for is that artists,
chefs and saints may still appear to blithe it.

To blithe is to be cheerful and carefree, and our collection at Gallery MAR fits the bill to a T. May we suggest these pieces for your home to blithe the squalid mess that is our present and history?


“Beginning of Autumn” by Warren Neary is 47.5″ x 49.5″.


“The Secret Life” by Stefan Heyer is 88″ x 74″.


“Fibonacci 434” by Jylian Gustlin is 60″ x 60″.


“Snow Day” by T.S. Harris is 48″ x 60″.


“Waterfront” by Shawna Moore is 40″ x 30″.


“Thunder Moon Rising” by Laura Wait is 36″ x 60″.


“Ridge” by Patrick St. Clair is 48″ x 48″.


“Ritual Space” by Bridgette Meinhold is 30″ x 47″.


“Double Lilac Bunnies” by Hunt Slonem is 11″ x 15″.

Park City may not be known for saints, but there are many talented chefs to delight your palette, and be sure to visit Gallery MAR now, for the exhibition “Prehistoric Whispers,” featuring new work by Jylian Gustlin and Siri Hollander.