November 17th, 2023

Written by Rachelle Pimentel, Fine Art Consultant

Artists will often take inspiration from the seasons, capturing the essence of each in its unique way, reminding us of the ever-changing, cyclical nature of life. Let’s explore some of our favorite pieces inspired by the different phases of the year!


In this piece, the sun paints the sky a brilliant blue hue and casts a golden glow upon the sands. Looking at this painting you can almost feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and  hear the laughter of children and the rhythmic lullaby of breaking waves. It’s the epitome of summer fun.

“Seaside Slippers” by Fred Calleri (sold)




We now find ourselves in the season of fall. This one in Park City has been a beauty, with gorgeous fall colors and perfect moments for hiking and climbing.

In this painting, falling leaves take center stage and give the essence of autumn.  The painting encapsulates the fleeting beauty of fall, with all its warm colors.



The slopes, draped in fresh powder shine in the light of this sleepy ski town. The painting evokes sense of freedom, as well as the cool calm of winter. Here at the gallery we are just now receiving our winter pieces, and each delivery brings a blast of cool air into the gallery. 

“Silvery Slopes” by Warren Neary 30″ x 50″



The arrival of spring is beautifully portrayed in this painting as winter’s grasp loosens. Melting snowbanks yield to the gentle caress of a thawing landscape. Blue streams emerge, evoking a sense of rebirth and renewal. It’s a reminder that even in nature’s dormancy, there exists the promise of vibrant life and the hope of a new beginning. And that’s what spring is all about!

“Spring Beginnings” by Sandra Pratt

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