October 1st, 2023

Written by Rachele Pimentel, Fine Art Consultant

The Ocean

Many of Shawna Moore’s paintings have an enchanting quality that evokes the serene yet powerful essence of the ocean. Through her use of colors and texture, Shawna captures the fluidity and depth that one associates with the sea. The way she blends hues of blue, green and white in her artworks mirrors the shifting shades of the ocean’s surface. 

The way she so perfectly depicts light and shadow in her work mirrors the play of sunlight on water, with its ever-changing patterns dancing across the panel.

Shawna Moore’s paintings often force me to recall the vastness, mystery, and tranquility I feel every time I look out over the ocean. 

“Twilight Curtain” by Shawna Moore 48″ x 60″, encaustic


The Mountains

The mountains have brought me presence, peace, and thrill. They challenge and inspire me and they have also humbled me and stunned me with their incomprehensible beauty. 

When I look at Bridgett’s work, I feel all those things. Most of my life choices in my adult years have been motivated by a love for the mountains. They have shaped who I am and might be my longest running love affair to date, which is why I choose to live in a place where I can always be surrounded by them. 

Bridgett’s paintings have this incredible way of depicting depth and vastness and always transport me to the places I love most. 



“What Remains” by Bridgette Meinhold 40″ x 60″, encaustic


Kevin Kehoe’s painting of a house in Midway captures more than just a physical structure, it encapsulates the essence of home, as a concept. It resonates deeply with emotions and memories I have that evoke a sense of comfort, safety and belonging.

Kevin’s attention to detail in capturing the architectural nuances of the house as well as the warm and inviting colors he used all contribute to the overall feeling of coziness that I associate with the concept of “home.”

Houses are archetypal representations of human shelter and companionship. They are spaces where we forge connections with family, create cherished memories, and find refuge from the world.

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