August 14th, 2023

by Eileen Treasure, Manager

Choosing artwork is often an emotional decision. Most collectors fall in love with a piece of art and say they will “find the right spot for it.” Size and color matters of course, but it’s the emotional reaction that usually carries the day. Once in a while a collector is surprised to be drawn to something they never would have considered before, and their reaction is exciting!

Do you play it safe — or have you ever stepped outside your comfort zone when choosing a piece of art?

We have many stories about first-time Hunt Slonem collectors whose first reaction is to say, “This is ridiculous!”  After studying the bunnies and reading their gestures and personality, the connection is made and they must have one in their collection.

Want to wake up a tired and perhaps too-similar collection? Diversity in an art collection makes everything stand out. Don’t blend in too much, but consider a surprise or two in your choices and arrangement of a collection.

This Havoc Hendricks‘ Moon was an exciting selection for a local collector, but the choice was driven by a very unusual wall. The installation was a huge success.


Double take — yes a Jane Maxwell cut-out figure appears to walk towards you in this contemporary home. Maxwell’s work lends itself to surprise presentations.


Nothing too unusual about a Matt Flint wolf portrait, except this wolf is hanging in a New York City apartment.


Hunt Slonem is perhaps the epitome of ‘out of the box’ art, but how unexpected and delightful to have a bunny looking over your lucky house guests!


With over 40 artists, Gallery MAR presents fresh and exciting selections for your collection whether it’s just beginning or been years in the making. we can help you wake it up and give you a reason to smile in every room.