July 1st, 2023

In our next segment of our “Picture This” blog series, we show you how to make the all-important fireplace mantle “pop.”

Through these elegant Photoshopped In Situs, we’re here to offer you our recommendations to finding the right fit for your fireplace mantle showstopper, all with fresh new Gallery MAR artwork



Sarah Winkler, “Uplifted,” acrylic, 60″ x 48″

For many spaces of your home, you may gravitate towards artwork that harmonizes with your space in a peaceful, understated way. The fireplace mantle, however, offers an opportunity to really create a splash in your home. This focal point in your living room and home sometimes call for something bigger and bolder than in other, quieter places in your home. This big, bold work by Sarah Winkler provides that powerful punch that your fireplace needs. 

Plus the elegant gold accents in her work complement the metallic accents in this particular setting. We recommend thinking about how you can draw on the details in your living room while also adding something new and fresh with your art. The textured, bold layers of Sarah Winkler’s can help you do just that.



Havoc Hendricks, “The Last Moonrise,” mixed media, 31″ x 20″

If you have a more contemporary living room that’s already bold in design, we recommend selecting artwork of a more modern style to sing with that design without clashing. The detailed minimalism of Havoc Hendricks’ work fits that bill. This bold work, “The Last Moonrise,” brings out the dark colors and sleek trimmings of this modern living room, while also adding a splash of color and interest that highlights — but doesn’t compete with — the modern design.



Michael Kessler, “Northscape (2),” acrylic, 24″ x 48″

Your art doesn’t have to match your furniture! In fact, oftentimes, having artwork that stands in slight contrast from your interior design, can have a powerful effect. In this peaceful living room, rather than focusing on perfectly matching the warmer brown and orange hues accented throughout the room, we’ve chosen a work that stands in contrast. The cool blues in this Michael Kessler piece, “Northscape” washes the room in peace. Using complementary colors in your design can help — like these blue hues against orange ones —  can help make your artwork pop while still looking at home in the space.



Pamela Murphy, “The Three Graces,” oil, 37″ x 49″

In some interior designs, you may want the artwork above your fireplace mantle to create a splash, but in other instances, it may feel more fitting to continue the pure, understated feeling of peace and tranquility in your home. This sweet, peaceful painting by Pamela Murphy, with its layers of texture and its muted color palette, offers a moment of beauty and repose in this soothing living room. If you’re looking for a more intimate, peaceful living room design, consider making a peaceful painting like Murphy’s your centerpiece — one that harmonizes so beautifully with your space, it seems designed around it.



Matt Flint, “The Elk Gloaming,” oil, 60″ x 48″

For a large, bold, modern space that plays on black-and-white and neutral colors, your fireplace  mantle provides a perfect opportunity to introduce a pop of color. The pale blue backdrop in this Matt Flint painting, “The Elk Gloaming” truly pops against this black-and-white design. We love how Matt Flint’s more traditional subject matter still feels modern and fresh, especially in a contemporary home design. His atmospheric layers and gorgeously painted elk enhances the moodiness and grandeur of the view and space.



Bridgette Meinhold, “Everything Everywhere,” encaustic, 40″ x 60″

For a long, wide fireplace, we recommend horizontally oriented artwork. With diptychs or triptychs, you can space out your panels to accommodate your space perfectly.  This encaustic diptych “Everything Everywhere” by Bridgette Meinhold in reclaimed wood frames provides this sleek modern room with another, beautiful window into a dreamy world.


Interested in seeing how these works or others might shine on your fireplace mantle? Email us at info@gallermar.com, and we’ll use our Photoshop magic to help you better envision the work in your space.