June 11th, 2023

Written by Rachelle Pimentel, Fine Art Consultant

I think we can all remember a time we were awestruck by the beauty of a sunset or the vastness of the ocean.

Through the centuries, artists have found inspiration in the beauty and complexity of the natural world, and their creations have become a testament to the enduring fascination that humans have with nature. Since the beginning of recorded time, art has reflected and imitated nature. Even the first written language was a series of simplistic pictographs created by ancient humans to best describe the environment they were inhabiting and the events they witnessed.

“As Far As Needed” by Matt Flint 36″x 80″ $9,325

This imitation of art is most often seen in the prevalence of plants, animals, and landscapes as the subjects of depiction. It appears that people have an innate desire to replicate the subjects that have inspired or moved them most. I think we can all remember a time we were awestruck by the beauty of a sunset or the vastness of the ocean. It seems people want to preserve that feeling or moment in time by capturing it in art.


“Be Water” by Shawna Moore 60″x60″ $16,150

I believe people love art that imitates nature not only because of the visual appeal, but because art often succeeds in capturing the essence of a natural phenomena. In many instances art goes beyond a mere visual representation and it becomes a way to convey the emotions and feelings that are intrinsically linked to human interaction with nature. For example, a painting of the sun rising over the mountains may not just show the shapes and colors of the sky at that moment, but the sense of awe and wonder that such a scene can inspire.


“Settle Down” by Bridgette Meinhold 36″ x54″ $8,075


Even though humans have evolved into living in these relatively sterile habitats, seemingly separated from the natural world and all the discomfort it may bring with it, we still have this unshakable urge to bring pieces of the outside, inside. Or at the very least, a representation of something wild and untamable, as a reminder of our own nature and the animals that we are deep down.

“Vigilant” by Pamela Murphy 26″ x 34″ $4,200