June 14th, 2023

The Rocky Mountain winter of 2023 felt like 3 winters in one. Alta Resort received over 900″ of snow. Guardsman Pass Road just opened, but only after several feet of packed snow and ice were removed — in June! While we have enjoyed the deluge of water and the oh-so green spring, we are ready for summer and celebrating long, warm days.

Wanting artwork to match your summertime dreams? Utah is ready for summertime and at Gallery MAR we have a fresh collection of beach and pool season artwork, so every day in your home will feel like a vacation. Step into the warmth, and enjoy the works below, all available at Gallery MAR.

In the Surf by T.S. Harris, oil, 48″ x 36″.


Vista Point by T.S. Harris, oil, 36″ x 24″.


Red Canoe by T.S. Harris, oil, 40″ x 48″.


Pool Afternoon by T.S. Harris, oil, 48″ x 36″.


Summer Surf by T.S. Harris, oil, 48″ x 30″.


Fun Spun Sugar by Fred Calleri, Oil, 15″ x 15″.





Holiday by Pamela Murphy, oil, 42″ x 32″.


Seated Girl, Blue by Jane Maxwell, mixed media, 24″ x 24″.


Lake Swimming by James Wolanin, acrylic, 15″ x 15″.



Blue Spring by Shawna Moore, encaustic, 60″ x 60″, coming soon for her show, June 30.


We are open every day to celebrate summer with you. Join us Friday, June 30 for a two-person show, “Just Beyond,” featuring Matt Flint and Shawna Moore.