May 10th, 2023

Little Hollywood by Kevin Kehoe at Encircle House

“Little Hollywood” by Kevin Kehoe, at Encircle House



Gallery artist Kevin Kehoe recently updated us on a little generosity he is spreading to the members and guests of Encircle House: a safe haven house / gathering place for LBGTQ youth in the Heber Valley. The organization is now housed in the old Zion’s Bank Victorian House, after undergoing an amazing transformation via renovation over the last year.
Kehoe has graced their walls with his donated this piece, titled “Little Hollywood,” into the home’s gallery. If the painting does sell, the Encircle organization will get a generous portion of the sale. We are betting, however, that they may choose to make this piece part of the home’s permanent collection — because they love it so much.
Little Hollywood by Kevin Kehoe at Encircle House

“Little Hollywood” by Kevin Kehoe

The work of art is 41” x 61” and celebrates the wooden statue of the bucking bronco and cowboy outside of the Little Hollywood museum in Kanab, Utah.

From the artist: “I’m very proud and honored to have this piece be part of the narrative of this special, and progressive place”


A little more about Encircle House: We provide support groups, programs, and therapy for LGBTQ+ youth and their families. We provide space for meaningful connection, creative and purposeful activities with inherent meaning, and experiences to educate and empower LGBTQ+ youth.

What happens at Encircle?

Friendship Circles

Our weekly groups allow you to tell your story and connect with peers in a safer space facilitated by our community.



World-class affirming therapy at an affordable price. A service every LGBTQ+ person deserves. Learn more or schedule an appointment here.


Daily Programs

Get creative! Make new friends, have a good time, and maybe learn a thing or two.


Drop-In Hours

Open Monday-Friday for LGBTQ+ folks ages 12-25, and first-time visitors.