February 10th, 2023

Uplifted, the geologic term referring to opposing forces, results in the mountains we love. Sarah Winkler’s latest exhibition is a lesson on what the mountains teach; to be tall, proud, strong, resilient, inspiring, medicinal, to heal, to feed, to care for and provide for, to be a giver of life force energy, a beacon for navigation, consistency, eternity, and stillness. Mountains provide refuge for the truth seekers and artists; their beauty and mystery transcend the ordinary human experience. Please enjoy these exhibition images, taken by Victoria Slagle.

Mountains are thought to contain divine inspiration, the focus of pilgrimages in transcendence and spiritual elevation that extend toward the heavens, symbolizing consistency and permanence at their peaks, invoking the state of absolute consciousness. Much like Winkler’s acrylic mountain landscapes, the creation of art is an escape for the consciousness.

Winkler’s latest body of paintings experiment with layered painted sections of the forest outwards in a 3-dimensional transformation. Bringing the alpine forest into focus with new approaches to wood and tree textures from the shadowy magical pine groves to the bright and lively fall aspens, accentuating their chalky birch barks is a territory never explored by Winkler before – finding the balance between complexity and minimalism as you move in and out of the picture.