February 3rd, 2023

On November 25th, we kicked off the winter season alongside Havoc Hendricks and his spectacularly detailed minimalism, and gorgeous glass works from none other than Jared & Nicole Davis. The magnetic glass works with specular vibrant surfaces played off of Havoc’s meticulously curated line work, resulting in a wonderful exhibition. With the photos in, we wanted to share the beauty of this show with you!


The mountain landscape is an icon of dignified and dramatic charm – silhouetted peaks and valleys dance playfully, drawing the viewer into a hypnotic real of daydreams. Whether constructed by hand-blown glass with fragmented colored sands or with detailed precision of consistent parallel lines, the viewer can agree that the inventiveness of the Davises and Havoc Hendricks together strike and engaging and enjoyable assembly of mountainous dreams.


Havoc Hendricks standing in front of his show stopping piece, “All Roads Lead to This.”


Local mixed-media artist Havoc Hendricks is a self-taught professional, weaving his life studies through the never-ending line patterns that nature displays organically through water, mountain strata, geodes, clouds, and wood grains. Transcribing these patterns through a minimalistic perspective; the result is something he coins, “Detailed Minimalism.” While missing out on the artistic knowledge that comes with an academic art education, Hendricks has a mind unfettered by rules and suggestions, allowing him to discover new techniques and styles previously unexplored.


“Monte Priata – Mountain Sunrise,” Jared & Nicole Davis, 29″ x 9″ x 4″, Glass


Colorado glass blowers, Nicole & Jared Davis work side by side designing and creating one of a kind works of art. The Davises work with molten material, mastering some of the more difficult shapes by learning to control the glass in its most difficult form. Inspiration come by the vast beauty that surrounds them in western Colorado. Their glass works contain earthen tones and a combination of sandblasted and high-gloss shine, by using a Fission technique (layering numerous colors) and using a special crackle process, they have created a recognizable design.



Havoc with his 60″ x 60″ installation of “Slice of Heaven #9”