January 23rd, 2023

“I’m more interested in helping people see what they can see.”



Fresh for 2023, we are pleased to present new arrivals from Jylian Gustlin. The collection offers never-before-seen works with Gustlin’s unique mix of textures in and under her paintings.

“Sirens 11, 54″ x 54”, mixed media

“Mater Natura”: the Latin Words directly translate to mother nature.

Mother Nature is where Gustlin communes, uncovering inspiration and divine wisdom from the trees, rocks, and earth below her feet – exploring the natural elements around her brings order and ideas, profoundly influencing her artwork. With a clear connection to the environment around her, Gustlin intuitively and distinctly produces her famed Fibonacci series, with knowledgeable and logical perspective on the endless variety of interpretations. The result is a magical and precise, abstract masterpiece.

Circles, morphing in size and color, appear in numerous places – all thoughtfully designed and created in computer programs that Gustlin has invented for her Fibonacci series. Lines of paint and mixed media drip down the panel and are revealed through excavations into the layers. This creates an overall aging effect, like crumpled paper or worn fabric and leather.

“Fibonacci 503,” 30″ x 60″, mixed media

With an artist mother and IBM computer scientist father, Jylian Gustlin was a first-generation digital baby surrounded by art. Her father taught her computer programming, while her mother’s influence inspired her at age three to mural the four walls of her bedroom with a box of crayons.

Favoring oil and acrylic paints, charcoal, wax, gold leaf, pastel, and graphite, Gustlin draws, paints, and even scratches on the surfaces of her compositions. Many of her paintings resemble sculptures, an influence from figurative artists such as Nathan Oliveira. “But I’m inspired by everything,” she adds, including her own beloved nieces and nephews. “I first learned my scratching technique from them.”

“Divus 40,” 36″ x 24″, mixed media


Jylian Gustlin continues to explore the intersection between science and the arts. Her latest works focus on the chaotic phenomenon of entropy and the incrementally increasing numbers of the Fibonacci mathematical theories, but always with an open-source focus. “I just try to create suggestions,” she says. “I’m more interested in helping people see what they can see.”


“Fibonacci 509,” 48″ x 48″, mixed media


“Fibonacci 509,” 48″ x 48″, mixed media


View more from the collection, as well as a video and biography of the artist, on our webpage: https://www.gallerymar.com/artists/jylian-gustlin 

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