November 24th, 2022

As a small business, we pour our heart and soul into our work, connecting beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art with people who will cherish them for generations. When you buy a work of art at our Gallery Mar Park City and Gallery MAR Carmel galleries, you’re supporting the passion and drive of our incredible artists as well as our hard-working staff.

In this year’s gift guide, we encourage you to shop local and shop small by supporting other fellow Park City small businesses who also pour their hearts and souls into what they do. We have selected a special product from each small business that we think you’ll love this holiday season, and each small business owner has selected one Gallery MAR work of art that they think you might love as well. Find out why each artwork means something to your favorite local vendor and we’ll tell you why we think you’ll love something of theirs. We hope you’ll find something you love for someone you love, even if that someone is you.

Happy shopping and happy holidays from all of us at Gallery MAR!



Flight Boutique

Their Pick

We love all the work from Lucrecia Waggoner. Kristen and I (Blaire) both just got back from a trip to the Amalfi coast in Italy where ceramics is a big part of their history and commerce. The Waggoner installations feel light, surreal, and dreamy, which are all also the same words I would you to describe our visit to Italy. Her art would be perfect hanging in a more modern home, especially someone’s home with great taste.” – Flight Boutique

Our Pick

“We love the understated beauty and elegant simplicity of this Marceau Houndstooth Coat from Flight Boutique. The delicacy of the pattern and the limited neutral color palette reminds us of Flight Boutique’s choice of new Gallery MAR artist Lucrecia Waggoner‘s porcelain work: delicate yet powerful, understated yet bold.” – Gallery MAR



Ritual Chocolate

Left to Right: Bridgette Meinhold, “Out of the Woods,” encaustic, 20″ x 20″ | Ritual Chocolate’s Hygge Drinking Chocolate

Their Pick

I love how Bridgette Meinhold captures the light and feeling of a brief moment before the clouds, colors, and light change. What I love about living in the mountains here is that they look different every day and are an ever-evolving beauty to take in. The muted blues remind me of our Mid Mountain 70% bar that was named after the Mid Mountain Trail here in PC. It’s always such a joy to celebrate these mountains we call home through art and, well… chocolate, too.” – Ritual Chocolate

Our Pick

Ritual Chocolate’s limited edition Hygge Drinking Chocolate feels like the perfect pick for this holiday season. This spiced and citrusy drinking chocolate has been understandably popular this snowy season. The coziness of drinking chocolate makes this the perfect après-ski treat, while its packaging of alpine peaks and evergreen trees reminds us of the dreamy, powdery mountains all around and depicted in local artist Bridgette Meinhold’s work.” – Gallery MAR



Left to Right: Hunt Slonem, “Red Rover,” oil, 16″ x 12″ | Chammomile’s Mingan Puffer in Peach

Their Pick

“My favorite is the Hunt Slonem work “Red Rover.” It reminds me of the rabbit in my Royal Doulton flambé collection. I find myself attracted to the warmth of Alizarin Crimson, Carnelian, and Pink Spinel.” – Chammomile

Our Pick

“This cozy, yet chic puffer jacket from Chammomile gives us all the same feelings of rosy warmth that Hunt Slonem’sRed Rover” delivers. This Mingan Puffer is perfect for staying cozy during Park City’s long winter season. Wear this jacket up on the snowy mountain or while strolling through the trendy shops on Main Street while still looking as modern and fresh as ever.” – Gallery MAR



Alpine Distilling

Left to Right: Matt Flint, “Archetypal,” mixed media, 48″ x 60″ | Alpine Distilling’s Utah Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Their Pick

Matt Flint’s mixed media piece, “Archetypal,” resonated at first sight. The image of this strong, powerful animal standing alone in a wildflower field certainly pulls emotions. The light feels like dusk with the animal reflecting on the day’s challenges and accomplishments. When we create a barrel of whiskey – one a day, by hand – they stand alone for a long time, becoming mature, ready for peak performance in aroma and flavor. Two barrels can live their entire resting lives next to each other and present to the world as very different spirits – such is the case with animals. Matt Flint’s powerful horse stands proud. We interpret this beast as a leader, survivor, champion of his tribe. Our small batch releases of Utah Straight Bourbon are given to the community as the best example of a Park City-made whiskey, reflective of our tribe: strong, elegant, dynamic, craft, refined. Art can remind and reinforce our life’s purpose. “Archetypal” reinforces that there will be struggle, many times we’ll go it alone – but in the end, facing the challenges will build character and inspire others.” – Alpine Distilling

Our Pick

Alpine Distilling’s Platinum Award-Winning Whiskey, Utah Straight Bourbon Whiskey, pairs beautifully with a cozy fireside after a chilly day on the mountain. With too many delicious tasting notes to list, this flavorful whiskey will add the finishing touch to your perfect Park City winter day this holiday season.” – Gallery MAR


Mountain Town Olive Oil

Left to Right: Bridgette Meinhold, “Signs Point to Yes,” encaustic, 40″ x 40″ | Mountain Town Olive Oil Gift Set

Their Pick

I love Bridgette Meinhold’s work. She makes the mountains come alive for me. I try to see every landscape as maybe she would. Whenever I am hiking or skiing, I try to picture the mountains, trees, and sky through the prism of her art and try on my artist’s eye.” – Mountain Town Olive Oil

Our Pick

“Once we tried Mountain Town Olive Oil’s olive oils, we could never go back to ordinary olive oil. These high quality olive oils are guaranteed to elevate any meal, offering a subtle yet remarkably delicious note to every culinary concoction. Their gift sets allow you to mix and match your favorites, making for perfect holiday presents (their Tuscan Herb is a personal favorite!).” – Gallery MAR



Park City Desserts

Left to Right: Hunt Slonem, “Fawna,” glass, 17″ x 9″ x 14″ | Park City Desserts specializes in Gluten Free, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, and Organic Desserts

Their Pick

One of the reasons we love being in Park City is, or course, nature, The symbolism of bunnies we hold near and dear. Rabbits almost always symbolize prosperity, abundance, good luck, and fertility. We don’t have a pet bunny yet, but in the meantime, we can admire Hunt Slonem’s bunny art!” – Park City Desserts

Our Pick

Park City Desserts is moving their retail location, but they’re still accepting online orders. We love all of the options they offer to our friends with specialty diets, offering gluten free, vegan, paleo, keto, and organic options. This holiday season, check off delicious desserts from your to-do list by placing an order from Park City Desserts‘ incredibly versatile and delicious menu.” – Gallery MAR


Written by Veronica Vale and our beloved Park City vendors