May 25th, 2022

Do you already have your dishes and bath towels? Combining homes and need less stuff, but more beauty? Gallery MAR is here in downtown Park City, Utah to provide fine artwork for couples who are walking down the aisle… and walking home to bare walls.


Here’s how it works: let your guests know that you are registered at Gallery MAR — just put a link on your wedding website. our guests can walk in, call, or email and we will assist them with adding funds to your Registry. We keep track of all the funds, your gift giver’s contact information, and special requests. When you’re ready, just stop by the gallery (or shop online) and use your Registry funds to select artwork for your home!


The best part? Your guests get the satisfaction of being a part of the fine art in your home, and you get to choose your own gift. Goodbye to ugly “heirloom” vases and hello to beautiful, original fine artwork you will have for the rest of your happily-ever-after lives. (Hint: we can even send Thank You notes to each gift giver from the bride and groom.)


Here are a few new favorite artworks ready for any happy couple’s home. Which would you choose?


James Penfield, "Exponential," 40" x 30" acrylic

James Penfield, “Exponential,” 40″ x 30″ acrylic


"Absolute Power," Havoc Hendricks, mixed media

Havoc Hendricks, “Absolute Power,” 48″ x 24″, mixed media


Hunt Slonem, "Sundance (Gold)," 60" x 72", oil

Hunt Slonem, “Sundance (Gold),” 60″ x 72″, oil


Jared & Nicole Davis, "Desert Arch Vista," glass

Jared & Nicole Davis, “Desert Arch Vista,” glass


Matt Flint, "Chestnut's Portrait," 48" x 36", mixed media

Matt Flint, “Chestnut’s Portrait,” 48″ x 36″, mixed media