December 14th, 2021

As a small business, we pour our heart and soul into our work, connecting beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art with people who will cherish them for generations. When you buy a work of art at our Gallery Mar Park City and Gallery MAR Carmel galleries, you’re supporting the passion and drive of our incredible artists as well as our hard-working staff.

One of our favorite aspects of this line of work is witnessing the heartfelt reactions and connections people make with our art. We love to hear more about why you love the artwork you do. We started our blog series, “Art From the Heart” to learn more about which works of art mean the most to you and why. In the spirit of local gems, we’ve dedicated our third installment of the series to our fellow small businesses. We have asked a few of our favorite local vendors to select which Gallery MAR artwork means the most to them right now and why. 

In this special holiday installment, we also select and recommend to you our favorite products from our local vendors. So please enjoy our local gift guide for a beautiful Park City holiday and thank you for shopping small and local!




Their Pick

“This piece from Havoc Hendricks, “The Art of Subtly” is our pick. We love the simplicity of these lines that together in their form, create the mountain scape that we all live amongst. It’s simple, yet powerful. We see getting dressed everyday as its own art form of expression. The person who appreciates the fashion we bring to this mountain town would definitely be the same kind of person who would appreciate having this work by Havoc Hendricks in their home.” – Flight Boutique

Our Pick 

“This romantic floral chiffon dress, “For Love & Lemons” Annie Maxi Dress is a work of art in itself, combining the same sense of sophisticated delicacy and bold dynamism as a Hendricks painting. Not only is this piece stylish, but it’s also eco-friendly, too, made from 100% recycled polyester material. This piece would make a beautiful gift for yourself or high fashioned friend.” – Gallery MAR




Their Pick

“We feel that art needs to both inspire and challenge. In our Gin, we see this as the challenge of harmonizing the aromatic benefits of roots, fruits & berries with the simple pleasure of a taste profile that “makes you feel better” and is delicious. Craft lies in the ability to execute steps out of sight that drive the impact without removing any of the “magic.”  

From your collection, “Decisions” from Wayne Salge is a stand-out piece. Sturdy yet top-heavy, suggesting a fragile balance of strength and with very deliberate, opposing movements. Can something be strong and vulnerable? We think so!” – Alpine Gin

Our Pick

“This “Alpine Gin” spirit is a master stroke of technique, botanical blend, and design. Local distillery Alpine Distilling pours their passion for creation into their spirits, placing their value for adventure, innovation, and authenticity at the forefront of all they do. Their classic “Alpine Gin” is no exception. This 2021 winner of  London’s Gin of the Year (the world’s most important gin competition) makes for the perfect holiday cocktail base as well as a great gift for any spirit connoisseur in your life.” – Gallery MAR



Their Pick

Matt Flint’sTo Remember” is one painting I’ve always loved for many reasons. I love birds and the freedom they represent. Swans all grace while the hard work of their swimming is hidden beneath the surface. This grace at the top and behind the scenes work resonates with me, especially now in the busy holiday season.” – Mountain Town Olive Oil

Our Pick

Once we tried Mountain Town Olive Oil’s olive oils, we could never go back to ordinary olive oil. These high quality olive oils are guaranteed to elevate any meal, offering a subtle yet remarkably delicious note to every culinary concoction. Their gift sets allow you to mix and match your favorites, making for perfect holiday presents (their Tuscan Herb is a personal favorite!). – Gallery MAR


We hope you’ve found something to love in our Park City gift guide. Which Gallery MAR artwork speaks to the ones you love? Consider giving the ultimate gift this holiday in the form of a meaningful work of art. Stop by the gallery or find that perfect piece online.

Regardless, we thank you for shopping local small businesses this holiday season!


Written by Veronica Vale and local Park City vendors