November 23rd, 2021

What makes artwork valuable? We like to think that it’s you. Artwork is too subjective to be evaluated like any other item. Instead, you give artwork its value based on what it means to you. No two people will feel the exact same way about a piece. In that way, your interpretation of a work of art is entirely unique… and the best part? There are no wrong interpretations when it comes to art. This is why it’s always a privilege to connect works of art with people who will truly cherish them in their own unique way.

In our newest blog series, Art From the Heart, we turn to art experts and art lovers to see which works hold the greatest value to them and give you insight into why. In this series, we’ll share with you the greater inner meaning of our Gallery MAR art as told by art lovers like yourself. In our second installation of the series, we turned to a few of the local interior designers we know and trust to find out which works speak the most to them right now.

Here our local Park City and Carmel designers share with us the artwork that is most beautifully meaningful to them in the gallery today.



Crotty Collaborative Design Group, Park City, UT

I have been thinking a lot about the evolution of my little humans as individuals, getting older myself, and watching my parents change, too. As I work my way through this maze, I am trying to live life as the best possible version of myself. Sometimes I am winning and other times (let’s be honest), not really.  

There are two very different artists that I am loving right now equally, even though they seem to be opposites. I have always been a firm believer that art HAS to speak to you. It has to evoke your spirit. It shouldn’t simply match the palette of your home; however, it is a bonus when a piece does both!  

One of my favorite artist right now is Alison Rash, especially her “Beauty From Ashes” series.  These pieces spoke to me before even learning the nature behind the series. I felt that I could get lost in any of the shapes and colors and wonder how she decides where and when to end. It’s a perfect blend of peace, chaos, sadness, beauty, and finality.  Life changes so drastically and so frequently it can feel like there is no time to come up for air.  Her work gives me a sense of calm even when there seems to be none in sight. 

The other artist that speaks to me right now is Fred Calleri. His work is a reminder to be playful and not to take things too seriously. When I make the space to laugh when nothing seems funny, I know I am OK. I am finding that people often miss the point while trying to make one. It feels like he is telling you to be present and make sure never to loose the essence of yourself, even while getting wrapped up in your alternate reality, where the winters are perfect, the baths are always warm, and the life you are living is yours to take hold of!



Gardner & Associates Interior Design, Carmel, CA

I really love the work of artist Jane Maxwell. The piece that caught my eye and really speaks to me is “Three Walking Girls Orange 36.” The artist’s background in fashion and her love of fabrics resonates with me and how I grew up. My mother was also in fashion. Then she moved on to interior design, where she showed me textiles and colors as a young child.

Jane Maxwell’s art is unique using layers of vintage papers and resin. There is so much movement and depth you just feel the female forms in this painting walking right out of it. I adore her color choices and the complexity of her art.



Noelle Micek Interiors, Inc., Carmel, CA

A piece that I’m loving right now is Jeffery Pugh’sFloating Castles.” The wide open field that connects to the mountains and clouds in the bottom third of the painting act as a grounding force to what I consider the main attraction — the angular rising clouds with their interesting shapes and balance in the top 1/3 of the work. When I look at them closely, I can see the palette of whites, grays, purples, and blues that make up these unusual clouds. I love how they draw my eye up to the intense blue and beyond.   

I installed this piece of his in a client’s home on approval and it just looked so beautiful in the space with it’s sheer scale and complimentary colors. I loved it!


We hope our local Park City and Carmel designers have given you even more reason to fall in love with these works.

Which Gallery MAR work speaks to your heart? Send us a message and let us know how we can help connect you with the works most meaningful to you.

Written by Veronica Vale