October 4th, 2021

“In my Childhood I was enchanted by the White Rabbit, who leads Alice down the rabbit hole into Wonderland and an altered state. That’s always been important to me: the idea of altered states. When I am painting, I sometimes feel as though I am somewhere else, observing reality from an outside perspective.”

– Hunt Slonem

Every morning, upon rising – even before he’s had his first cup of coffee or called any of his psychic advisors – Hunt Slonem performs his daily warm-ups.


Slonem paints rabbits in outline, applying quick broad strokes that resemble calligraphy as much as they do rabbits. These paintings are what he calls his warm-ups. Why rabbits?



Hunt was in a Chinese restaurant many years ago and on the back of the menu was a chart of the Chinese zodiac, designating the years that fall under each sign. In the middle of eating a spring roll he discovered he was born in the Year of the Rabbit.


Hunt has always loved rabbits, as a child he kept them as pets. He used to dream about them, and he still does to this day. With a keen interest in a variety of wildlife from monkeys to bunnies, the end result is a magical, precise, abstract narrative that is produced through accurate and painstaking observation.