June 18th, 2021

If you’re anything like us, then taking in the beautiful June weather in the great outdoors might just be one of your family’s most cherished Father’s Day traditions. With this in mind, we’ve curated a hiking guide made up of a few of our favorite Utah nature destinations to enjoy with dad this Father’ Day. Alongside each hiking recommendation, we’ve paired the perfect Father’s Day gifts: Gallery MAR original artwork to remind you both of your local adventures.


Take a hike with dad through the mountain range that inspired this painting by Sarah Winkler. The Uintas Mountain range spans northeastern Utah through Wyoming, but it only takes a short drive from Salt Lake City and Park City to take in the extraordinary views. Sarah Winkler beautifully captures the deep blues and greens of this land of a thousand lakes.


The wide expanse and dreamy colors of the Great Salt Lake warrant a fun Father’s Day excursion. While the lake offers beautiful views wherever you stop, we recommend heading over to Corrine, UT for an extra art-filled day. There you’ll find Robert Smith’s famous Spiral Jetty earthwork jutting out into the martian landscape. Our artist Havoc Hendricks’ geode series reflects the dreamy pink and blue hues and soft, swirling textures of this otherworldly section of the Great Salt Lake.


Escape to Moab, Utah for some truly unique Father’s Day views. Moab offers exotic desert view at every turn, but make sure to pack sunscreen! The hot desert sun may make splashing in the Colorado River a necessity.

Through the rich textures and unique color palette of Sarah Winkler’s work, the memories of your adventures in this Southern Utah landscape will be preserved for a lifetime.


If you’re looking for exciting wildlife to spot with Dad this Father’s Day, check out Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. This island is lush with mountainous grasslands, home to herds of bison, antelope, and more. Drive around the island or take a hike for a chance to spot incredible wildlife backset by awe-inspiring views.

Matt Flint’s painting “Roots” beautifully captures the allure and mystique of the bison you’re sure to see.


Although it may not be autumn, you can still witness the majestic beauty of Glen Hawkins’ painting “Heber to Sundance” year round. Only a short half hour drive from Park City, you’ll find a valley rich with life, beauty, and adventure. Swim with Dad in the nearby reservoir or scuba dive in Midway Hot Springs. Whatever adventure your family chooses, Glen Hawkins’ oil painting will capture the beautiful memories of the day.


A stroll down Park City’s Main Street is always an adventure, especially when there’s fresh art to take in. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Main Street with Dad this Father’s Day, and be sure to stop by and pay us a visit here at Gallery MAR to see what’s new. See your Dad’s favorite artworks in person or capture the beauty and buzz of Main Street itself through Glen Hawkin’sSunday Stroll.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed our hiking and art guide, and we wish you all a happy Father’s Day!

Written by Veronica Vale